Name: Airquake
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: 3-4 (presumed)
Date of Birth: 2008-9 (presumed)
Place of Birth: Earth

Father: Starscream
Mother: N/A

Current Height: 7'10"
Current Weight: 460 lbs

Adult Height: 26'
Adult Weight: 5.9 tons

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Child

Alt Mode: F-21 Kfir

"Loktar!" - Airquake has apparently learned some Orcish.


Long-limbed and top heavy, Airquake takes on much of his father's physical features. He has the same digitigrade leg structure and the beginnings of what will be wings fanning out from his back, only his angle sharply downwards rather than accenting his shoulders as Starscream's do.

Airquake's primary plate color is white, with varying shades and streaks of grey and black found throughout his frame. Originally a deep crimson, his optics have since turned to a bright white, with a tinge of blue to to them.


As a youngster, Airquake has not developed any weaponry. He has, however, begun to develope wing buds and the bases of what will eventually be thruster engines on his back, allowing him to fly as an adult. As with all other Cybertronians, Quake is extremely powerful for his size, given that his body is made primarily of unearthly metals and other inorganic materials.


Airquake, as an adult.

Through a misshap with Breyadon, it has been revealed that Airquake will eventually grow into a formidable seeker like his father, capable of transforming at will and flying either in his primary form, or in his alternate mode. He also possess similar weaponry, including a long-ranged missle launcher, twin vulcan cannons, and the ability to morph his hands into blades for close combat. As with his sire however, Airquake is at his best in the air, and tends to be slower and less agile on the ground.

Life in the VoidEdit

Airquake is thought to be one of the many sparklings created by the Allspark, when it was being tested upon by the humans in Meinville, sometime between late 2008 to early 2009. Because of Quake's general lack of trauma and injury, it's generally speculated that he was rescued by Starscream before the humans could experiment on him, and kept safe under the seeker's powerful influence in Demesnen.

At some point in mid 2009, during a powerful void flux, Quake was shifted out of this realm and into another, winding up on the planet Azeroth. He spent a number of weeks there, where his inquisitive, fearless nature made him an instant hit with the local orcs and goblins. The local Steamwheedle Cartel, a powerful goblin-run organization, ended up taking Airquake to one of their coastal cities in the hopes of using utilizing him as defense. He remained a profitable attraction for almost a month, and somehow managed to avoid any injuries during his time with the notoriously accident-prone race, until the Void eventually drew him back to this realm.

He was again taken up by Starscream, and looked after in relative secrecy until being abducted by Meinville in late 2010 (possibly with Kerrigan's help). In early 2011, he was discovered and rescued by Koal and Zhenn'arh during a raid against the facility, led by Laissez Faire's forces. He has since been taken in by the group, and is being raised along with the other sparklings in the city.


Airquake is unique among the current group of sparklings in that he is outgoing, openly friendly, and has shown no signs of the sort of trauma that the others had endured to differing degrees. Even being raised for a number of months by the likes of Starscream haven't had any apparent negative impact on his personality, leading Quake to be very trusting and accepting of everyone around him. This has also made him a favorite patient of Ratchet's, thanks to his obedient nature and the fact that he doesn't fight against the medic during check-ups.

The young seeker has shown great interest in socializing and playing with the other sparklings, and tends to gravitate around Teshi, as well as Warp when the young bot is receptive to his friendly overtures. So far he has not shown any strong attachment to any adult in particular, though Wheeljack has taken to looking after the child a bit more than the others.