Name: Ajahni
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: 4
Birthdate: 2008
Place of Birth: Earth
Father: Pulse
Mother: N/A

Current Height: 5'6"
Current Weight: 356 lbs

Adult Height: 20.4'
Weight: 4.2 tons

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Child


He's got a vaguely raptor-like build, with a long, segmented 'tail' to counter-balance the bulk of his upper half and his stooped walking posture. His legs are long and digitigrade, taking greatly after his father. His head also bears a similar crest as Pulse's that extends backwards, while his hands are outfitted with thick, blunted claws.

Due to an injury suffered early in his life, Ajahni's left optic doesn't work, and doesn't shine with light. His right optic, however, glows bright white. The rest of his body, as his plating starts to grow in over his protoframe, is a dark, midnight purple, with highlights of navy.


Strength - As a Cybertronian, Ajahni is exceptionally strong, even at his young age, and can easily overpower and kill the average human.

Weaponry - Most of his weaponry has not developed yet, though he has begun to reveal an ability to utilize radar to see through objects.


Ajahni's existence and how he came to be is mostly up to speculation. It is generally believed that he (and a number of other sparklings) were brought to life when those working in Meinville experimented on the Allspark while it was in their possession, sometime in 2008. Under this idea, Ajahni was sparked to life using data from an unknowing Pulse, leaving Ajahni with a father but no mother.

During his first few months of existence, Ajahni was experimented on by Sarah Kerrigan and those employed in Meinville's lab. The resulting trauma left him with a partially crushed CPU that permanently impaired his ability to communicate with others and develop normally. The resulting damage also destroyed vital connections with his left optic, leaving him blind in that eye.

After several months, Ajahni was released (presumably) by Kerrigan, and was eventually discovered by Zhenn'arh, after getting bogged down in a marsh outside of Laissez Faire. Unable to free Jani, and furthermore discouraged by the sparkling's panicked behavior, Zhenn'arh reported his find to his friends, leading Daja, Briar, and Bumblebee back to rescue the child. Of the four present during his rescue, it was Daja that made the first attempt to sooth his fears, something that Ajahni responded to immediately. Though it was tenuous at first, the sparkling developed a level of trust for the smith and a sense of safety and security in her presence that quickly led her to being his primary caretaker, by virtue of the fact that she was the only creature in Laissez Faire that he would not bite or struggle against.

Ajahni's integration into Laissez Faire was rocky at first, as the sparkling was prone to panicking and biting anyone who got too close to him. A sever speech impediment and learning dissabilities further complicated his emotional recovery. However, thanks to Daja's diligent care, Ajahni has slowly began to work through his myriad of anxities, and has has since learned to trust others, and continues to improve both mentally and physically with each passing day.



Jani and Warp, during a photoshoot.

During an incident with Breyadon, an alternate future timeline of Ajahni and the other sparklings was revealed. It showed that Ajahni had the potential to overcome his speech impediments and grow into a happy, functional adult who had bonded closely with Teshi, Warp, Airquake, and Scrap. He had also become much more stable and trusting, without any of the jealousy or fear issues he was plagued with as a child, and was skilled enough to be trained along side his childhood friends and fight together with them against their enemies.

As an adult, he has far outgrown his father, but seems to have retained the same radar function and swifness as Pulse. Whether or not he has the ability to produce the scout's unique EMP blasts was not discovered, as the future Ajahni never used any of his weapons during his short stay in the city.


Ajahni has formed a very strong bond with Daja after being rescued by her and others in Laissez Faire, viewing her as a mother-figure and the single most important figure in his young life. Though his personality and behavior are slowly beginning to stabilize, Jani expresses jealousy and protectiveness over Daja, and frequently gets into minor scuffles with Scrap because of this.

Other than Daja, Ajahni is very fond of Ironhide, and has shown a growing attachment to Teshi.

Random InformationEdit

  • Nickname: Jani
  • Best Friend: Teshi
  • Even though he has trouble processing words out loud (and often repeats words and short phrases), Ajahni can formulate more coherent and complete sentences in his mind, and through his comm-line.
  • He's very sensitive about anyone touching his head.