The origins of the Allspark are not clearly understood, though it is widely believed that this artifiact is at least partially, if not entirely, responsible for bringing about the Cybertronian race, as well as their planet Cyberton. The Cybertronians have been in possession of this metallic cube since the beginning of their existence, and it remained on their planet until civil war broke out, during which the Allspark was cast into space to keep the more belligerent Decepticons from gaining possession of it.

In time, the Allspark crashed into Earth, where it was eventually discovered and taken into Meinville's possession sometime in late 2007. They experimented with the cube while it was in their posession, and in the process, activated one of the artifacts dormant properties - sparking new Cybertronian lives. By early 2009, after finding out that the employees in Raimond's Lab were creating and destroying sparkling, the building was raided by Laissez Faire's forces. Unfortunately, the cube was nowhere to be found, as Kerrigan had taken it after leaving Meinville and moving into Demsenen.

By late 2009, Laissez Faire raided Demsnen, and after a tense standoff between Megatron, Ironhide, and Daja, Hide managed to secure the Allspark. Since then, it has been in the possession of Laissez Faire, and kept closely monitored by Ratchet.


Most of the Allspark's abilities are only theories, mainly because of the cube's extensive age and the fact that it was kept dormant on Cybertron until the civil war started. What is known about the cube, however, is that it can create new life. It's theorized that the cube does this by gleaning DNA from any nearby Cybertronian to produce a new one. Because of the unique nature of their creation, these sparklings have only one parent each, with the other half of their DNA being assembled at random by the Allspark.

The Allspark has the ability to adjust its mass and size, going from several meters in height, to no smaller than a foot across, while adopting a weight that's proportional to its size.

Towards the beginning of the war on Cybertron, a team of engineers and scientists in possession of the Allspark programmed the artifact to coorrelate an individual's optic color to coincide with their affiliation; thus Autobots acquired blue optics, while decepticons acquired red ones. Those undecided between the two factions would have purple optics, while those abstaining from the war would retain their natural color.

It is speculated that the Allspark has the ability to partially or fully heal the damages of any Cybertronian that comes in contact with it, and may have the ability to bring a deceased Cybertronian back to life. Because of the vast power that the cube holds however, and the general belief that it can just as easily destroy life with that immense power, Ratchet has expressly forbid any experimenting with it, and keeps it locked in a secure location.


  • Teshi, Warp, Ajahni, Scrap, and Airquake were all brought into existance by the Allspark in 2008.
  • In 2011, Beachcomber was brought back to life after Sideswipe used the Allspark on him, with all his previous wounds healed.
  • Sideswipe's previously orange optics also reverted back to blue at this time.