Briar's Colony is located in Laissez Faire's largest park, and covers an area of fifteen acres, with an additional twenty allocated to a herd of cattle that are used to supliment the colony's supply of food. Citizens are strongly encouraged to stay out of the area, and not to feed the zerg. If bitten by any bugs while traveling near the park, individuals are advised to report immediately to the Medical Facility for treatment.

Rather than green grass, flowers, and trees, the entire fifteen acres is covered in a thick mat of purple-gray growth, known as 'creep'. Living 'buildings' are dotted throughout the area in between the remains of dead trees, offering shelter to the colony as well as providing important functions for the various needs of the zerg.
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The 'creep'.


The original colony was spawned and looked after by Ehtidkoush in 2008, and in February of 2009, Ehtid obtained permission from Laissez Faire to re-establish the colony just outside of the city's perimeter. It remained there until being destroyed by Starscream in April of the same year, forcing Ehtidkoush to flee with the remainder of his decimated zerg forces and ultimately seek shelter in the city's Medical Facility. The surviving zerg were kept confined in holding cells, and looked after there for a number of weeks, until problems with Ehtidkoush and concern for Briar's safety led to the defiler's execution by Ironhide.

With some help from Lutarez, Briar moved the rest of the zerg to their current location in the park, and placed the recently spawned Jekegii as second-in-command of the colony. A number of incidents occured in the following months however, with the colony spontaneously attacking Laissez Faire and abducting citizens. Jekegii initially blamed this on his inability to control the zerg, but after the attacks escalated, the young defiler eventually confided with Briar that Ehtidkoush was still alive and was behind the assaults.

In late May, 2010, Briar led Lutarez and Verani to the colony, where they found and killed Ehtikoush for a second and final time. Since that time, there have been no further problems from the colony.

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Colony MembersEdit

The following is a summary of zerg living in the colony, listing each breed and how many their are, including those whose names are known.

Leader: Briar Moss

Co-Lead: Jekegii

Overlords (3)

  • Dhunbeski, Skrasha

Drones (19)

  • Croul, Xaxely

Zergling (23)

  • Rhek, Trhek, Teppi, Tanta, Ungst, Arratok

Ultralisks (1)

Hydralisks (7)

  • Thijuh, Thiluh, Zravash, Zrazs

Mutalisks (1)

Defilers (2)

Nydus Worms (1)

  • Vhresh

Scourge (2)

Larvae (25)