Name: Briar Moss
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Mage/Human
Place of Birth: Sotat, Emelan

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 134 lbs

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Medical Officer/Healer


Briar is an ambient plant mage, and his teacher is Dedicate Rosethorn, who is also a plant mage. Briar can make plants grow very quickly and move them to any form, like creating a snare from a vine. He has shown great talent in making herbal medicines and restoring them to their full potential when the preparations have become dried out or expired. He also enjoys and makes money by caring for shakkans (similar to bonsai), trees kept small which usually store magic in the way the plant looks. He and Rosethorn have developed plant-specific weapons to use in combat, made of seeds, namely of thorny plants, wrapped in cotton wool. When thrown and applied with a proper measure of magic, these bundles siimultaneously unwrap and the seeds burst into growth. There are variations of the balls, some containing vines to wrap around people while others to do actual harm.

Although initially a thief, Briar has developed a strong sense of right and wrong, which serves as a weapon against criminals and manipulators. He is cantankerous, and known for a cutting sense of humor and a tendency for joking through serious situations as a coping mechanism. His affinity with all things botanical has made him not only a master gardener, but has also led to such oddities as stealing and later coming to own an ancient, magic-storing, miniature pine tree called a shakkan, and the ability to control growth of plants.


Briar is of unknown, multiracial parentage. He has curly black hair and olive skin, typical to natives of Sotat, his eastern birthland, but with a distinct nose and light, gray-green eyes that speak of a Western ancestry of some kind. He is small-bodied and slim, and though finally gaining in height he is still shorter than most his age. Another puzzling and unique feature are the plant tattoos that grow and shift beneath the skin on his hands. These are due to an attempt by him to disguise two 'X' tattoos that were given to him by officials in Sotat when he was caught thieving. They move and change color, and seem to have a life of their own - often dependent upon the mood he is in at the time.

Early LifeEdit

Briar Moss was, in early life, a street rat called 'Roach'. His mother was killed when he was approximately four, and he joined a gang, the Lightnings, led by the 'Thief-Lord', in Deadman's District in Hajra. He was caught three times, receiving a tattoo of an X on the webbing between each thumb and forefinger for the first two; on the third he was sentenced to life at the docks. A great mage, Niklaren Goldeye, had a vision that he would find special mages -- mages whose ambient powers were not easily discernible by the usual means -- and as such was there, as he needed to be, during Briar's trial. He was able to detect the boy's psychic affinity with plants, and took him to Winding Circle Temple to be educated in plant magic. Due to his history on the streets, he also has a full set of daggers that are on his person at all times, and he is fast and accurate with them, proving a true irony of a healer who deals out death as well.

Known LanguagesEdit

Common, Tradertalk, Sotatan, Imperial. And tidbits of everything else. Also telepathic.

Life in the VoidEdit

Upon being suddenly dropped into Roellen, by forces that he still does not understand, Briar promptly ran into a recently-freed Hunter-Killer hydralisk named Vnithin, and a friendship was formed when he offered to heal the alien's wounds. Soon afterward, he discovered that several of his friends were already living in Laissez Faire, and he settled there with them., bringing Vnithin with him. Over time, he has become one of Laissez Faire's most renowned healers, being more personable and approachable than either Ratchet or Rosethorn. His knowledge of herblore combined with his friendly and easy nature makes him ideal for working with sensitive situations, such as high-risk pregnancies or mortal wounds where there are distressed loved ones to account for. Due to a life full of traumatic events however, he also has a few unusual personality features - he has post traumatic stress disorder, and is prone to flashbacks, particularly when exposed to loud noises and a variety of other stimuli, and this can often be problematic when he is around the constant warfare that seems to surround Laissez Faire.

His friendship with Vnithin - along with an injection of the Hyperevolutionary Virus that was forced upon him by Kerrigan - has had another unique result; Briar's genetic code has been infiltrated with zerg and protoss genes, enabling him to tap into the Hive mind and communicate directly with the zerg. This has offered him a closer connection with Vnithin, and more recently the alien's children and grandchildren, and upon the death of Ehtidkoush, a rogue defiler who had once served Kerrigan, Briar assumed control of a small colony of zerg, which currently resides in the largest park in Laissez Faire.


Briar has three foster sisters - Sandrilene (Sandry) fa Toren, Daja Kisubo, and Trisana Chandler. Of these, he is closest to Tris.

His former teacher, Rosethorn, took the place of his birth mother, who was killed when he was very young and whom he barely remembers. He is very close to and protective of her.

His zerg power has enhanced his relationship with Vnithin, and his children - Yunuu, Harquin, Feera and Cruuvhi, and his grandchildren by Yunuu - Shadow, Trikek, and Vanu. Ventisshou assists him in looking after them, and thus Tamashii and Taelitu are considered part of their 'family' as well.

Jekegii, a defiler, is Briar's second-in-command over the colony, and a very close friend, who has aided him dramatically in bridging the gap between his human belief that the zerg have a right to choose their own destiny, and the zerg instinct to assimilate and kill other races. It is his hope that, with Jekegii's help, they will be able to make the colony functional members of society and thus prove that the zerg are a redeemable race.

Lutarez, upon his rescue from a basement where he'd been imprisoned, has also been instrumental in helping Briar to overcome his fear of and distaste for his power with the zerg, making him a much more effective leader.