Name: Bumblebee
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: 30,000~
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased 

Height: 16 ft
Weight: 3.1 tons

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Scout/Communications 

Offspring: Warp


As with a majority of his race, Bumblebee bears a typical humanoid appearance. He has relatively long legs and a shortened torso, and a pair of short 'wings' on his back. The exception to his human-like build is in his face, which has a more complicated and less obvious 'mouth' and 'nose' structure, unlike many of the current Cybertronians on Earth. Like the protoss however, Bee compensates for this with subtle but effective body language and a pair of highly expressive, blue optics to convey his feelings.

Most of his plating is warm yellow, with underlying plating being black or shades of darker gray.


As a Cybertronian, Bee has the ability to manipulate his body into different forms, and often takes the appearance of a 2010 Chevrolet Camero in order to cover ground faster. Bumblebee is also capable of transforming into a Cybertronian sub, allowing him to travel quickly through water, with the added capacity to carry small passengers.

His weaponry includes a plasma cannon formed from his right hand, and rocket launchers folded up from his shoulders. With fewer weapons than Ratchet even, Bumblebee has trained to perfect what few natural guns he has, and is a skilled melee fighter against opponents of equal size and strength.

Bumblebee specializes in communication, fitting well with his role as a scout for the Autobots. His sensors are uniquely tuned to others of his kind, giving Bumblebee the ability to detect other Cybertronians for miles away, and give accurate readouts on their identity and location. This 'signature' tracking also extends to most other lifeforms, and is further-reaching and more accurate than Ratchet's, though not as detailed or long-ranged as Pulse's.

A secondary and equally vital function of this skill is the ability for Bumblebee to tap into private lines, route communications past the enemy's radar, and decode encrypted information. This has become particularly useful on Earth, as Bee can easily break through communication barriers between different races and species, and facilitate discussions.

History before the VoidEdit

Bumblebee was born shortly after the start of war on Cybertron. Though his parents attempted to stay out of the fighting, they were eventually rooted out by the Decepticons, and died while fending off a lone 'Con whose intention it was to capture the child. Several weeks later, the orphaned Bee was discovered by Ironhide amongst the rubble of his home and the remains of his parents. For the previously unaffiliated veteran, this was the turning point that shifted his allegiance to the Autobots. He took the sparkling with him to be seen by his old friend, where it was gradually decided that the kid had no safer place to be than with them, especially as Cybertron was quickly being destroyed by the increasingly intense fighting, leaving next to no safe havens for a sparking to be raised.

In the thousands of years that followed, Bumblebee was raised by Ratchet and a number of other mechs that made up their group, and traveled with them from planet to planet across the cosmos after Cybertron was abandoned. As he grew older, he was trained as a scout and warrior, and eventually assisted his new family in fighting the Decepticons and searching for the long-lost Allspark.

Life in the VoidEdit

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