Name: Chestnut

Breed: Horse (mixed breed)

Gender: Male (gelding)

Age: Unknown

Owner: Sandrilene fa Toren

History before the VoidEdit

Not much is known about Chestnut's life before he came to Laissez Faire. Lutarez claims that the horse's memories are very old, and suggested Chestnut is, at the very least, a few hundred years in age.


In almost every way, Chestnut is a normal horse, with a calm disposition and a gentle nature. What sets him apart from other horses is his extreme age, and the fact that he appears immune to illness, aging, and injury. The cause of his apparent immortality is up to speculation, as Chestnut shows no abnormal genes or mutations, nor does he carry any detectable magic or power.

Life in the VoidEdit

Chestnut was discovered by Pulse while searching the internet for information on ways to prolong human life. The mech was able to secure a meeting with Chestnut's supposed owner in late 2008, and met the horse and man in secluded section of Laissez Faire. After killing the owner, Pulse proceeded to test Chestnut's proclaimed 'immortality', and after finding that the horse was indeed invulnerable to damage, he dropped the horse into the basement of an abandoned house, after smashing the staircase to ensure that Chestnut could not escape.

Meaning to offer Chestnut as a present to Sandry, as well as further his attempts at prolonging her life, Pulse was involved in series of crimes that led to his imprisonment in Laissez Faire before he could reveal the gift to her.

Chestnut remained in the basement for almost two months, until he was discovered by chance by a couple investigating the sounds of neighing in the area. Upon trying to remove the horse from the basement via a crane, the cables broke and sent Chestnut falling back into the basement, landing on his head. After the horse got up no less than a minute after hitting the concrete below, showing no signs of injury from what should have been a fatal drop, the couple decided to take the horse as their own.

A van struck Chestnut as the couple were attempting to lead him across a busy street, and the pair attempted to hurriedly drag the horse off the road and get him away from the scene before anyone discovered his abilities and utter lack of injury following the accident. Unfortunately for them, Beachcomber happened to witness the ordeal, and immediately intervened, seizing both people and holding up traffic as he argued against their treatment of Chestnut. The ongoing disagreement dragged on long enough for a sizable crowd of onlookers to gather, including Sideswipe, who went on to relay the incident to those at the Medical Facility.

Sandry eventually arrived on the scene and brought all parties back to the Facility to sort out the mess. Though it was found that the couple had legally accquired Chestnut after initially attempting to find the horse's owner, a court trial later awarded Chestnut to Sandry. Chestnut now resides in the stables at the Headquarters.