Name: Contus Thornweaver
Gender: Male
Race: Tauren
Age: 22
Birthdate: 1989
Place of Birth: Mulgore, Azeroth

Height: 7'11"
Weight: 512 lbs

Status: Refuge
Occupation: N/A

Father: Tauhm
Mother: Janah Thornweaver


Contus' overall appearance is strikingly similar to his twin brother in build and in coloration. His frame is thickly muscled with a powerful upperbody, carried on stout, digitigrade legs that end in wide, cloven hooves. Being of the tauren race, Contus is a blend of humanoid and bovine characteristics, with a strong leaning towards the latter, including broad snout, horns, and a long, tufted tail.

Contus is covered in soft fur that's mostly downy and plush to the touch, but which grows thicker and more ragged at the base of his legs. He also has a mane that extends from the top of his head, up along his neck, and halfway down his back. Most of his fur is dark black. His hands, inner legs and arms, face, and front side are colored milky white, which fades gradually into the black fur around.

Of the few differences he has with Konjac, one are his horns. They are thicker than his sibling's, and a solid misty-white throughout. His face is a softer blend of white and pale grays, and his eyes are dark mahogany like his mother's. The other telling difference is Contus' rounder belly and heavier weight, due more to his love of Janah's cooking than it is from any extra muscle bulk.


From a very young age, Contus had an affinity for the elements and a vivid connection to the dream world, leading him to pursue the path of shamanism. Under the tutor of his aunt Ahawi, he has developed his skills and is slowly learning how to commune and interact with the elements and the abilities they offer. At his current stage of training, Contus is able to contact most elements, and can usually exert some influence over Wind and Water, conjuring up small whirlwinds, breezes, and brief rainshowers. His connection with the others, particularly Lightning, are not as concrete yet.

Aside from being able to understand and predict weather patterns with great accuracy, another of Contus' shaman related powers has granted him the ability to morph into a spectral wolf form.
Rather than looking like the native canines found on Earth, Contus' form takes after those found on his home planet, whose main difference is a massive size increase and extraordinarly large claws that aid in traction while running. Contus is transluscent while in this form, giving him a ghostly appearance.

Occassionally, Contus is visited by visions in his dreams. These visions are mostly obscure in nature or highly symbolic and take a great amount of thought and interpretation to figure out, though he does have more vivid, definied encounters that give him a clear, if very brief, glance into the future.

Life before the VoidEdit

Rare among the tauren people, Contus came into the world with a twin brother. Born to Tauhm 'Milkweed' and Janah Thornweaver, he grew up on the vast plains of Mulgore, in a small hunting tribe, where he and Konjac were mostly sheltered from the on and off wars that plagued the world outside of their idealic grassland home. With the constant support and trust of his family and their small community, Contus grew up with strong family values and a powerful respect for the natural world.

His best friend in the world and near constant companion was his own brother Konjac. The two could almost always be found within a short distance of one another, whether they were engaging the other calves in the village in rambunctious play, were out exploring the world under the watchful gaze of elders and parents, or were learning the various lessons of life. Their close bond remained strong even after Contus took up shaman training after a series of dreams led his aunt Ahawi to suggest the young tauren's path led in that direction, while Konjac's affinity towards animals directed him towards druidism and tutoring under Milkweed.

Life in the VoidEdit

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