General InformationEdit

Name: Cybertronians, Transformers (also known as 'Autobots' and 'Decepticons', though these terms reflect an individual's allegiance rather than race).

Planet of Origin: Cybertron

Lifespan: Unknown (potentially indefinite)

Description: Cybetronians are a highly polymorphic race, coming in a tremendous range of sizes, shapes, and colorations, and tend to dispaly sexual dimorphism as well (females tend to be smaller and less heavily built than males). Most feature a bipedal, humanoid build, while others are more animalistic in design.

Heights tend to range from 15 to 25 feet, though some individuals may be as small as a foot, while others tower over 40 feet.

Colors vary greatly, and can range from a solid hue throughout, to a mix of hues and patterns. Natural optic colors also have a wide range, with amber and white being most common. However, due to a code programmed into the Allspark, most cybertronians now have either blue, red, or purple eyes in accordance to their affliation.

Diet: Energon. This inorganic substance can be harvested from raw energy sources (stars being a primary source), be synthetically produced with the appropriate machines and resources, or taken directly from another cybertronian. Young bots, known as sparklings, need to consume energon frequently as they are growing, while adults only need to consume it on occassion, and can go for months or years without it, so long as they don't expend a lot of energy or lose any energon through injuries.


Natural Defense: Most cybertronians have some form of natural weaponry that developes with them as they age. Along with armor plating, features such as cannons, chemical guns, and shielding mechanics are commonly grown as a natural part of their being, with some individuals being more heavily armored and weaponized than others.

Specialized Functions: In addition to these developments, or in lieu of them, cybertronians are sometimes gifted with unique abilities that set them appart from their peers and allow them to specialize in different areas. Radars, sophisticated scanners, and the abilitiy to fly, are a few of the numerous traits that they can be born with.

Transformation: All cybertronians have the ability to manipulate their bodies into different shapes, taking on 'alternate modes'. It is most often utilized as a form of transportation, and has come in particularly handy on earth, where cybertronians can modify their apperance to mimic that of vehicles.


Young cybertronians are known as sparklings, and are created by the union of a male(mech) and female(femme) cybertronian. It has recently been discovered that the Allspark can also produce sparklings by gleaning data from any nearby cybertronians.

Cybertronians tend to grow at a very slow rate, with their fastest growth occuring in the first two to five years of life. Depending on their parents (particularly their mother) most newborns start off very small, generally no bigger than the average human child, and lack any armor. They start off as a bare protoform with exposed energon lines and systems, leaving them particularly vulnerable to injury and exposure to temperatures. Within a few months however, subplating and outer armor begins to grow in, and they begin to take on the colorations they will retain into adulthood.

Cognitively, cybertronians may develope as rapidly as their human counterparts, or may take much longer. Their physical growth, however, remains slow, and can take up to 10,000 years for an individual to reach their adult size. For those destined to be particularly large, it can take even longer.

The term 'sparkling' is often reserved for those under ten years of age, and anyone under 10,000 is considered an adolescent or young adult. Because of the extreme age that cybertronians can live, even those reaching thirthy and fourty thousand years old are often considered 'young'.

Known Cybertronians on EarthEdit

Airquake, Beachcomber, Bonecrusher, Bumblebee, Flux, Ironhide, Jazz, Pulse, Rail, Ratchet, Scrap, Sideswipe, Starscream, Sunstreaker, Teshi, Top Flare, Warp, Wheeljack

Previously on EarthEdit

Ainok, Barricade, Blackout, Frenzy, Megatron, Ranger, Rival, Tercius