Name: Daja Kisubo (Daj')
Gender: Female

Age: 17
Race: Human/Mage

Place of Birth: Emelan
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 203 lbs

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Blacksmith/Cybertronian Medic


Daja is a black Trader - tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. Her skin is a deep mahogony color, and she wears her black hair in a varying number of braids. Fitting with the tradition of her people, she is uninclined to wear skirts or dresses, instead more prone to being seen in breeches and a shirt. Since the incident in Gold Ridge where Daja redirected a forest fire in 1035 KF she has a brass skin over her left hand, which covers both the palm and back of her hand, with small lengths extending between the fingers. She often describes this brass as 'alive', and she can remove it from her hand without pain, after which it slowly grows back. It does not affect her mobility in any way, though extreme cold can sometimes cause it to ache.


Daja is an ambient smith mage. This means she draws upon her personal store of power and uses it to communicate with the latent magic in metal. After Daja is rescued from the ocean, Niklaren Goldeye takes her to Winding Circle Temple, where she later discovers her gift in metalworking. Daja's teacher while she is at Winding Circle, and later when she is a fully accredited mage, is Dedicate Frostpine, the only other smith-mage. Daja can weave fire, call it to her, and hold it in her bare hands. If she has to walk into a burning building, she has clothes, made by her friend Sandry, that are fire resistant. She can also breath smoke without it killing her, but too much can hurt her throat. However, Daja's magic also makes her vulnerable to high levels of heat, such as lava or explosions - such things destroy metal, and thus would destroy Daja. She can shape metal expertly both with and without magic; she is both a blacksmith and a whitesmith. She can identify metal by touch and smell and sense metals at a distance with concentration, not only being able to identify the kind of metal, but what kind of history it has encountered, i.e. where it was mined, forged, and, in the case of her Cybertronian friends, the age of a certain injury. As a result of her magic and a forest fire in 1035 KF, the brass from the cap of her signature staff melted on her left hand, creating a "living metal" glove. This living metal grows on her hand like a second skin, and must be removed every so often or it grows all over her body; Daja can then use it for her trade. When peeled away from her skin the living metal merges together like molten brass, which then can be used for any number of smithing project. Living metal is something entirely unique to Daja and so a lot of her research and time is devoted to the properties of living metal and what she can do/make with it. She can also make more living metal by adding some of her blood to regular metal.

Known LanguagesEdit

Common, Imperial, Tradertalk. Also telepathic.

Early LifeEdit

Daja was born on the 30th of Seed Moon in 1025 K.F. as a Tsaw'ha, or Trader, a group of people who travel by caravan or ship and buy and sell things of value. Daja was fascinated with blacksmiths, yet thought she would never be able to get near one due to the Tsaw'ha tendency to look down upon craftsman. In her early years, she would often sneak off to watch the blacksmiths work, but every time her family caught her at it, she was whipped. This was mostly because Traders pride themselves in being self-sufficient and having no need for other races, which in itself is born from the prejudice those other races hold against Traders, due to their unusual culture. Daja's family includes an unnamed father and mother, who was the captain of Third Ship Kisubo, as well as an older brother Uneny and a younger sister, all of whom were members of the crew on the Third Ship Kisubo along with Daja. She also has an uncle, Tiwolu, and an aunt, Zayda, who belong to Fifth Ship Kisubo. However, her entire family was killed when Third Ship Kisubo sank somewhere in the Pebbled Sea - a wreck which left Daja as the only survivor. Left floating in the rubble of the ship in the middle of the ocean, Daja managed to stay alive by unconsciously using her magic, calling a suraku—survival box—filled with food and water to her. Niklaren Goldeye, who had a vision of the disaster hitting Third Ship Kisubo, saved Daja and brought her to the Trader Council. The Council declared her trangshi, an outcast from all Traders, because a lone survivor of such a tragic accident is believed to be the worst of back luck. With her abandoned by her people, Niklaren took Daja with him, bringing her to Winding Circle Temple in Summersea, Emelan.


She has a long-term friendship with Briar Moss, Trisana Chandler, and Sandrilene fa Toren, the three young mages she was trained with. Of these three, she is closest to Sandry.

Frostpine was once Daja's magical teacher, and now serves as a father figure for her, and occasionally aids her in various projects.

She has developed a close relationship with Ironhide, due to their mututally stoic natures.

Because Pulse refused to have anything to do with his son, Daja has begun to raise Ajahni as her own.