Basic Information
Name: Datharil
Age: 106
Gender: Male
Race: Protoss
Status: Citizen
Occupation: IDR Employee

Height: 7'2"
Weight: 256 lbs
Place of Birth: Auir (planet)


Datharil has a pale, periwinkle-gray skin color, with light blue scales covering portions of his face, chest, arms, and legs. As a descendant of a minority tribe, his feet have four small toes, in contrast to the two larger digits that most protoss have. In addition to this, his 'face' is broader and flatter, and his eyes, a luminescent aqua color, are relatively small compared to most of his kind.

Instead of having a mouth, a set of gills are positioned along the front of his neck. As typical for his race, he has a very dense bone and muscular structure, giving him a wiry but exceedingly powerful build that easily outclasses the strength of the average human. This build does not lend well to swimming however, and despite having 'gills', Datharil cannot breathe under water.

Perhaps one of the more outstanding features on Datharil are his nerve tendrils. These dark, dreadlock-looking appendages sprout from the back of his skull, continuously growing at a slow, steady rate that is not so unlike the growth of human hair. These appendages serve as a vital means of communication between him and other protoss.


Psionics - As with all protoss, Datharil has strong psionic capabilities that enable him to read the minds of others. These powers can also be used to disrupt or severely damage the minds of those around him if concentrated enough. His capabilities are weak at best when compared to the average protoss, mostly due to a lack of training, and he is one of the few who rarely uses his telepathy to read the minds and emotions of others without permission.

Senses - Lacking a mouth, or nose, protoss have sensitive skin that can pick up odors and absorb moisture from the envorinment around them. While most protoss learn to build a tolerance for unpleasant odors, Datharil is particularly sensitive to them.

His vision is on par with the average human during the day, while his night vision is superior.

History Before the VoidEdit

Datharil lived on his homeplanet Auir with his mother and father prior to arriving on Earth. His childhood was mostly a happy one, spent playing with other kids in his tribe, and being looked after by devoted parents who encouraged Datharil's love for engineering and tinkering. As he grew older, he spent much time helping his great uncle in keeping his fleet of space ships up to par and in working order.

When Auir was invaded by the zerg, Datharil was drafted into a combat course known as 'zealot training', to ready him for combat against the encroaching enemy. Within two weeks of his enlistment, Datharil was kicked out of the course due to his lack of skills and inability to keep a level head during intense situations. However, as the zerg overwhelmed Auir's forces and decimated the protoss troops fighting them, Datharil was again drafted, this time directly to the front lines.

Knowing that their son would be little but zerg fodder if he was sent out to fight, Datharil's parents had him secretly sent aboard one of his great uncle's shuttles, which ferried him to Earth.

Life in the VoidEdit

Before arriving at his new home, Datharil was briefly sickened after being given a number of vaccines meant to immunize him prior to landing on Earth. After recovering from this blunder, he was sent to the Processing Center and set up with a human foster family, and spent the next year living with them and learning about the culture here on Earth.

With an open mind and a friendly, enthusiastic attitude that wasn't particularly common for his people, Datharil adapted quickly to his new home. Towards the middle of 2007 however, Datharil was discovered and captured by Kerrigan, who used sundrop to disorient and subdue the young protoss. The drug also affected his memory, leaving him unable to remember how he came into contact with the substance and when exactly he was abducted - or initially, that he was even intoxicated by the dangerous narcotic.

He was moved to Meinville to be experimented on by the scientists there, and by Kerrigan who intially saw potential in using the psionically weak protoss to her own ends. Teshi and Ninaquetaure were among the other captives being held in the laboratory at the time, and were later joined by Rosethorn. It was Rosethorn's arrival that eventually saved Datharil and Teshi, and who provided Datharil with much needed assurance and friendship during their time in the cells. Within a few days of Rosethorn's capture, the mage's friends had come together to rescue her, with Briar, Frostpine, Ironhide, and a number of other Laissez Faire residents being among the rescue party.

Datharil became close friends with Rosethorn after their rescue, and decided to stay in Laissez Faire after recovering from his injuries. His cheerful disposition and optimistic, friendly attitude towards others quickly landed him a job as Laissez Faire's 'Greeter', where he is employed at their Headquarters, assisting new arrivals in getting acclimated to the massive building and how things work there.

In 2008, he unwittingly helped Haplo settle into Laissez Faire, offering their future enemy a tour of their facilities.

Datharil was present during the hunt for Pyllus in March of 2008, and in an ill-fated and poorly executed attempt at protecting his friends, he attacked the severely wounded templar.  He ended up with a broken arm for his efforts, and was subsequently saved by Daja and Niklaren, who ended up subduing the renegade protoss.

When it was discovered that Pyllus had been using sundrop, Datharil informed the group of it's dangers.  Despite their best efforts to find and eliminate the dangerous drug from Laissez Faire, he and Briar were intoxicated by the substance thanks to Kerrigan's interference.  Under the influence of the powerful narcotic, Datharil savagely attacked Jessica, damaging her arms to the point they were later amputated.  Frostpine and Daja were also caught in his wake of his fury, with the younger smith sustaining a broken nose, among other injuries. 

Though Dath was terribly distraught at the damage he'd caused, Briar's life was saved from the drug's deadly withdraw effects when Ratchet derived a serum from the protoss' blood.

After Briar was seemingly killed along side Haplo, Kerrigan used Jessica to taunt Rosethorn over the boy's demise.  This resulted in Datharil twice attacking the woman in a fit of uncharacteristic rage, in which her jaw was fracture by a swift punch from the protoss.  At the same time, Ivy was ordered by Haplo to stay near Datharil.

Later in the same year, he assisted Sandry and Bumblebee in contacting Auir, in hopes of securing an antidote to cure Briar of his zerg infestation.  Unfortunately, their connection to Auri was intercepted by a Latarin, who after learning of he boy's infestation and the presence of zerg on earth, declared his intention to sterlize the entire planet.  With Bee's help and Sandry's diplomacy, they were able to contact Auir shortly thereafter, and secure the support of Selendis.

In a bid to prove his usefullness and bravery, Datharil took it upon himself to help prepare Laissez Faire for Latarin's arrive, by explaining all he knew of the weaponry they'd be faceing.  He also posted himself on the rooftop of the Headquarters to keep a lookout for the incoming fleet, and when they arrived, he made a brief stand against a few of the attackers.  Being no match against his enemies however, a wounded Datharil attempted to flee less than a minute into the fight, and was rescued by Bumblebee.  After Bumblebee was knocked out during the ensuing battle, Datharil was then rescued by Ironhide.

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Datharil will gladly make friends with just about anyone he meets, and thus has few personal enemies. His best friend is Rosethorn, who he credits with saving his life when they were both captured by Kerrigan and imprisoned in Meinville towards the end of 2007. Even though her gruffer characteristics and disinclination to be emotional are at direct odds with Dath's personality, he and Briar seem to be the only two individuals who can bring out a softer side in the healer. He is also one of the very few individuals who is not in the least bit put off by her usual threats and prickly attitude.

Of his many companions in Laissez Faire, Datharil considers Sarah to be one of his closer friends, and has also gone out of his way to befriend Aiko and help her learn to write, despite his wariness of her mentor. By default, Little Friend in turn looks to Datharil as a trustworthy adult, and enjoys climbing on the protoss whenever he spends time with Aiko.

Ivy has a particularly unique bond with Datharil, and has become the alien's steadfast friend and a tremendous source of support and confidence for him since his departure from Haplo. Not only does Ivy offer the kind of assurance and stability that is otherwise lacking in the protoss, he is a formidable force to be reckoned with, and is almost always found near Datharil to keep him safe from harm.

For all the positive connections he has with others, Jessica Allen is not among them, much to Datharil's distress. Through a series of unfortunate events set in motion by Kerrigan and Pyllus, Jessica was set upon in a vicious attack by Datharil while he was under the influence of sundrop. The severity of the assault led to Jessica's arms having to be amputated, and the resulting experience had made her leery of Datharil ever since. Attempts to amend their friendship have all fallen through.


Datharil hosts weekly classes sponsored by the IDR.

Random InformationEdit

  • Favorite Food: Grape-flavored water
  • Best Friend: Dedicate Rosethorn
  • Companions: Ivy
  • Hobbies: Tinkering & building gadgets, taking walks with Ivy around Laissez Faire
  • Nickname: Dath
    • Pulse prefers to call him 'Chicken'.
  • He gets faint at the sight of blood.