Name: Deku
Gender: Male
Race: Ent (Honey Locust)
Age: 6
Sprouted: September 2008

Current Height: 14.3 ft
Mature Height: 98 ft

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Weed tender

Father: Ninaquetaure


Deku is an Ent, of the Honey Locust variety. At his current stage, he stands at 4 and a half feet tall, with a sporadic spread of small branches and long, glossy, pinnate leaflets. His bark is a soft, smooth brown towards the bottom, and shiny green along the upper half of his trunk and branches. Towards the upper half of his trunk, before it splits into the smaller branches of his canopy, Deku has a pair of tiny, pin-point black eyes developing. Deku doen't yet have a discernible mouth, or much of a face for that matter.

All along his branches, and just starting to form on the rest of his trunk, are thick, straight-pointed thorns that will eventually branch out as he grows and become more formidible in their size and density.

Deku's roots comprise of two main clusters with a tangle of smaller, more delicate feeder roots sprouting off of them. Due to his young age and the threat of dehydration, he keeps them buried in soil most of the time, but when he is up and moving about, Deku can utliize the two root clusters like a pair of feet to waddle across the ground and over obstacles.


Like the rest of his kind, Deku is capable of moving as freely as any humanoid, including being able to walk, dance, and travel from place to place by using his roots as improvised legs. He must seek out soil and moisture often though, particularly at his young age, to keep from drying out and wilting.

Despite not yet having any visible mouth, nor apparently an ability to talk, Deku is fond of whistling. He frequently whistles a tune Beachcomber describes as the 'Song of Storms', and generally dances as he does so. Using a combination of song and dance, Deku can often be found encouraging non-ent plants, mostly small weeds, to pop up out of the ground and dance with him, or follow him around. Once the song is finished, the weeds return their roots to the soil, though they may still dance and sway in his presence.

History in the VoidEdit

Before he ever sprouted, Deku was carried as a seed in one of Ninaquetaure's many seed pods. Briar managed to save this one seed before Ninaquetaure's death in Demesnen, and kept it safe from Kerrigan, who sought to harvest the rest of Ninaque's seeds to grow as ent soldiers in her army. After he was rescued from his imprisonment in Demesnen and returned to Laissez Faire, Briar planted the single surviving seed from Ninaque, which quickly sprouted under the mage's care.

The sproutling showed immediate fondness for Briar, often dancing and swaying when in the boy's presence. It wasn't until mid 2009 that the young sprout got a name however, being dubbed 'Deku' by Beachcomber. Whatever the inspiration or source for the name, the sproutling took to it, and has been called by it ever since.

Deku spends all of his time indoors during the cold months, while he is still small enough to rest his roots in the pot that Briar provides for him. When the weather is warmer, he is most often found outside, tending to his 'grove' of weeds and herbs, and occasionally uprooting some of Rosethorn's garden and scattering her own plants across the lawn, so that they have to be dug up and replanted.


Deku looks up to Briar as his protector and guardian, having been tended to by the mage since he first sprouted. Though he can't yet communicate in a verbal manner, Deku is able to feed his emotions over to the boy, thanks in large part to Briar being a plant mage. He often dances or sways when Briar is near him, and becomes despondant and lethargic when the mage is gone for any length of time.

He is also quite fond of Beachcomber, as the mech spends a great deal of time with him outside, humming along to the ent's whistling tunes.