Not long after the Turbatio Void opened in 2007, Demesnen became the main city where the so called forces of 'evil' gathered, some out of a shared interest in plundering the earth and its resources, and others out of the simple necessity to seek shelter from the general populace that did not want them on the planet. Because of its tumultuous society, Demesnen is unstable and lawless at best, and generally held together by either the brute force or the cunning guile of whatever leader or organization happens to be ruling it.

While they may not always have the firepower that Laissez Faire possesses, Demesnen lays claim to the largest security force. Guards, foot soldiers, and mercenaries are hired by the droves on a regular basis, providing the city with a massive defensives resource to use at its disposal, either to protect the city or to launch assaults against enemies and targets.

Current Leader: Starscream

Population: 45,102 (Citizen Registry)

Demographics: 93% Human, 7% Alien/Other


Demesnen is currently in alliance with no other city, and any potential affiliations can change rapidly, depending upon who is in charge. They are at war with Laissez Faire, and have assaulted them and Meinville on multiple occassions. Neighboring cities generally should not expect assistance from Demesnen.

Living in DemesnenEdit

Life in Demesnen is rough and unpredictable. Though the city does have of a functioning police force, corruption and power struggles within the force and the rest of the city in general means that citizens are often better of resolving problems themselves. Contrary to the dismal crime rates, Demesnen does have fairly advanced and reliable emergency response teams that can tackle a wide range of disasters, from fires to floods to every day 911 calls for medical assistance.

Average citizens are at the mercy of their current ruler, various gangs, and the shady orginizations that populate Demesnen.

Current LawsEdit

With Starscream in command of the city, citizens should remain alert while in his presence, and be prepared to move if they are in his way, as a handful have already been wounded or killed after being stepped on or kicked aside.

He is to be addressed as 'Lord Starscream'.

Previous RulersEdit

  • October 2007 - November 2007 : Zuko (removed from power by Pulse and Megatron)
  • November 2007 - December 2007 : Megatron - (supposedly killed/disappeared).
  • December 2007 - June 2008 - Blackout : (defeated by Sasuke)
  • June 2008 - early 2009 - Sasuke Uchiha : (disappeared)
  • Mid 2009 - 2011 - Zuko/Kerrigan*: (Kerrigan never officially took up leadership, but actively commanded the city's forces in the absence of Sasuke and Zuko, and kept Blackout and Starscream at bay for the coveted position. Zuko at some point had taken over leadership from Sasuke during this time as well, but was not heard of after mid 2010. Kerrigan was killed by Pulse in Feburary 2011.)
  • February 2011 - Current - Starsceam : (Curent leader; Megatron made a brief return in October 2011, but disppeared shortly thereafter)