Name: Ehtidkoush
Leader of the Swarm by PiccoloSan33

Gender: Male

Race: Zerg

Breed: Cerebrate Hybrid

Age: ??

Status: Deceased

"Briar and myself are the ingredients, and Ehtidkoush is the catalyst-" - A revelation by Lutarez.


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History Before the VoidEdit

When Kerrigan was taken by the zerg, the young cerebrate Ehtidkoush was assigned to assist and look after the mutant woman as she gained strength and control within the swarm. He remained loyally at her side throught the conflicts between the humans, protoss, and zerg, enabeling the future Queen of Blades to focus on tactics and gaining information, while he monitored the ever growing number of zerg under their combined control.

During the Brood Wars, Kerrigan's power had eclipsed that of the Ehtid and all the other cerebrates, and with it, her ambitions for the alien race grew. With the Overmind slain, Kerrigan systematically began to extinguish the other remaining cerebrates, until only Ehtidkoush remained.

For a number of years, he continued to serve the Queen unquestioningly, until she grew confident in her power and eventually turned on Ehtid in an effort to eradicate the only remaining creature who could challenge her rule of the zerg. Before Kerrigan could slay her second-in-command, Ehtidkoush was rescued by one of the Queen's former assistants, a strange 'man' named Duran. Wielding powers beyond the realm of the human-zerg hybrid he was thought of, Duran was able to splice Ehtid's being with that of a defiler, giving the previously immobile, globulous cerebrate the ability to move, and thus flee before Kerrigan could murder him.

Unfortunately for Ehtid, Duran's act was not born out of kindness; he had been waiting for this moment for years. After aiding Ehtid's escape, he imprisoned the young cerebrate and brought him to earth, sometime in mid 2007.

Betrayed by Kerrigan and held captive by the secritive Duran, Ehtidkoush became a guinea pig to the man's desire to create the perfect hybrid between the zerg and protoss. Having recently acquired a powerful dark templar, Duran set out to harness Ehtid's unique abilities to infest Zeratul, and turn one of the protoss' most powerful figures into a creature of his bidding, and one that would be the birth of a new race.

The experiment worked. After weeks of trial and error, Zeratul was slowly being eroded away by the zerg virus, and Ehtidkoush was kept subdued and obedient by the same drug that Duran had used to capture Zeratul in the first place. But then something happened that Duran had not accounted for - while Zeratul was being mutated and influenced by the zerg virus, Ehtid was compiling the templar's DNA into his own being, until there came a point and time where he was powerful enough to break free of his confinement and turn the tables on Duran.

In late 2007, with Kerrigan closing in on his location and no where else to turn, Ehtidkoush fled with Zeratul, and spent the next year in hiding.

History in the VoidEdit

Despite his best efforst, Ehtidkoush was eventually rooted out by Kerrigan in late 2008, but not before he was able to hide Zeratul away, to be guarded by a number of grubs and parasites. He was brought to Demesnen, where instead of being killed, Kerrigan worked to uncover the reasons for his mutation and what exactly Duran had done with him in the past year. When she was unable to glean any useful information from Ehtid, other than the fact that he had Zeratul in his posession and managed to infest the protoss where she could not, Kerrigan devised other means of obtaining that knowledge.

With the help of Haplo, Briar was captured and introduced to Ehtidkoush. The cerebrate immediately identified with Briar's ability to communicate and command the zerg, even if the power still in its infancy in the boy. Shortly thereafter, Kerrigan released Ehtid, and allowed he and Briar to escape when the theif's friends stormed the city to rescue him. Though Ehtidkoush returned immediately to Zeratul, he was now deeply interested in the boy who held such potential for the zerg.

The hard lessons learned from Kerrigan and Duran's betrayals had made Ehtidkoush extremely cautious however, and instead of immediately pursuing Briar and seeking out a firm alliance, Ehtid retired in secrecy to nurture the new colony he was spawning. His admiration for Briar, and the growing belief that the plant mage could be the one to overthrow the treacherous queen, did reveal itself in subtle ways however, such as his participation in an attack against Kerrigan, where Ehtid made a surprise rendezvous with Laissez Faire's forces during an assult on Demesnen. But that was as far as he would let it go.

By the end of 2008, it had been discovered that Ehtidkoush had infested the Medical Facility with parasites and a unique new strain of zerg grubs. This infestation led to many in the facility getting bitten by the bugs, which in turn led to Umondis' unborn baby being infected with a virus.

By December, conflicts continued between the cerebrate on Laissez Faire, straining an already tenuous alliance between himself and Briar. It was discovered at this time that Ehtidkoush was keeping an unknown individual hostage, and that he and Pulse had plotted with the cerebrate, only to have the scout turn on him and steal several grubs to aid in a plot of his own. In retaliation, Ehtidkoush abuducted Sandry and held her captive until his stolen grubs were returned.

In early 2009, Ehtikdoush offered the assistance of himself and his growing colony to aid Laissez Faire in successful counter-attack against Demesnen. In return, he was permitted to relocate his colony closer to Laissez Faire for greater protection against Kerrigan, as it had grown so large as to be difficult to keep hidden from his former leader. The deal went a small ways to mending the distrust between the two parties, until a troublesome realization was made when Niklaren, Bumblebee, and Koal came across and rescued Lutarez, who had been imprisoned by Ehtidkoush for over a year. It was Lutarez who made the first speculation that Kerrigan had purposely allowed Ehtid go, in order to trace the cerebrate back to him, and thus catch he, Ehtid, and Briar in one simple ambush.

A month later, in April 2009, Lutarez's suspicions proved true. Starscream made a solo assault on Ehtidkoush' colony, quickly destroying the hive and forcing Ehtid to flee, straight to the only place he would be protected. At the same time, Kerrigan had infiltrated Laissez Faire and unleashed an attack of her own, managing to capture Lutarez, while Briar fled the building in a bid to keep Kerrigan from capture all three of them together. He met Ehtid halfway, and together, he and the small remainder of Ehtid's colony hid out in a cave some distance from the city, cutting contact with their friends in order to prevent Kerrigan from discovering their location.

By morning, Briar and Ehtid were awakened to distressed calls from Ounaleck, who'd been attacked by Starscream. Despite realizing that the seeker was leading him into a trap, Briar attempted to save Ounaleck and another smaller zerg, and faced off with the seeker to buy Ehtidkoush time to flee. Though he was captured and taken back to Demesnen, his sacrifice allowed Ehtid to reach Laissez Faire with the remainder of his decimated colony. Having little trust amongst the city's residence, he and his zerg were locked up in holding cells, to be looked after until Briar could be rescued.

When eventually Briar and Lutarez were rescued, the dark templar convinced him that Ehtidkoush could not be allowed to live, and that that cerebrate's intentions, although not intentional cruel like Kerrigan's, would eventually lead him to placing the safety and evolution of his colony above all else - including his alliance with Laissez Faire. Briar made the difficult decision to have Ehtid destroyed, and in May of 2009, Ironhide was given the order of executing the cerebrate while he was still being held in the city.

The remains of Ehtid's zerg went under Briar's control and were relocated to a large park within the city. A young, unusually intelligent grub named Jekegii, who had initially been spawned by Ehtidkoush, was eventually place as second in command of the colony to help Briar manage the aliens. This young grub soon morphed into a defiler, like his predecesor - but without the aid of any intervention.

Things went well for the colony, until in December 2009, the zerg inexplicably attacked Ironhide and Ratchet, subjecting the pair to hallucinations and a frightening vision of Ajahni being infested by the zerg virus. When questioned, Jekegii insisted it was his lack of control over the zerg, and their hatred of Ironhide that led to the unfornate incident.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the city, Ehtidkoush's powers as a cerebrate meant that he could not be killed by conventional means. Once Briar had established the new colony, Ehtid immediately began the long process of respawning his body there. Jekegii's conflicted loyalties between Briar and Ehtidkoush kept him quiet about this development.

By February 2010, Ehtid's growth continued unnoticed. Waiting and plotting, the cerebrate eventually found easy prey out of Pulse, and manipulated the mech into participating in a ploy of his, where the scout was talked into consuming a virus that would supposedly grant him immortality alongside Sandry, when combined with the fabled water Pulse was searching for. Knowing that the water would never be found, Ehtid's only concern was to see how the virus reacted to a cybertronian host - and when he was satisfied with the results, he abducted Warp, Little Friend, and Chestnut in May of 2010, to further his experiment.

The bold move panicked Jekegii. Fearing he'd lose the trust of the leader who he looked up to, Jekegii finally confided in Briar about Ehtidkoush's presence, and Ehtid's true identity as cerebrate, not a defiler, was discovered. With this knowledge, Lutarez pointed out that the blades of the dark templar, such as from himself and Verani, were the only known method of permenantly killing a cerebrate.

Armed with a means of finally putting an end to Ehtid, Briar set out with the two templars and entered the colony. Back in his cerebrate form, a defenseless Ehtidkoush frantically warned his would-be attackers that Kerrigan would destroy them all, and that he had the knowledge and know-how to resist her. The damage he had caused Laissez Faire was too great though, and he was swiftly executed. As died, the three were left with fragments of Ehtid's most recent memories... memories showing visions of the billions of zerg that Kerrigan had under her control, waiting quietly in the vast cosmos for her next orders.