Virus Name: Entropesis

Hosts: Cybertronians

Threat: Moderate

Origin: Cyberton

Description & TransmissionEdit

Entropesis is a nano-virus that is currently only known to affect Cybertronians. It is contracted through exposure to infected individual's energon, self-generated weaponry (such as plasma blasts and projectiles), and through contact with improperly santized tools.

The virus lives and multiplies in the energon of its host, where it feeds off of specific nutrients and energy found in the energon. It can survive outside of this fluid for up to an hour, which allows the virus to migrate and attach itself to weaponry and other systems to better facilitate its transfer to new hosts.

Once established in energon, the virus quickly feeds and reproduces, draining strength from its host and filling energon lines with waste products that build up over time.


General lethargy and malaise are noticed within a few days of infection, and slowly become more pronounced over the course of several weeks. Most individuals will recover within this time and return to full health within a month, but those with compromised immunity or other health issues may be unable to fight off the virus.

Left untreated in a patient who is unable to fend off the virus, they will begin to experience chest pain and irregular sparkbeats within two months. Similar discomfort is experienced wherever smaller energon lines become clogged with waste material, and where systems are compromised from a lack of energon flow. Depending on which systems are affected first, death follows within three to six months.


A standard treatment of anti-viruses will eradicate the nanovirus within 2-3 days. An energon filtration and/or transfusion is often required to restore energy and remove excess waste in the lines, particularly in patients who have a heavy infestation of the virus.

Known CasesEdit

October 2008 - Following an attack by Demesnen on Laissez Faire, Pulse came down with an inexplicably severe case of Entropesis. The virus was eradicated within a few days, and Pulse made a full recovery from the illness. It is unknown, however, how or where the virus was first transmitted.