These inconspicuous grey stones, small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, are distinguished by the swirl of blue marking the top of their flattened surface. This blue swirl is in fact a magical rune etched into the rock, which grants its owner the power to teleport to a previously set location.

"There's nothing to fear with this gem of a device! We've never once received any complaints about injury with the hearthstones, minus the few incidents where they were improperly handled, but I assure you it's easier to use than any gadget you've dealt with before! As a bonus, it even acts as an improvised weapon- all you need to do is chuck it hard enough at an enemy, and with a bit of good aim and luck, it's near-guaranteed to knock them out! Mind you, this method doesn't work so well against Ogres, or enemies wearing helmets.." - Keedle, explaining the added benefits of hearthstones to Calahan and Kandire.

Hearthstones and YouEdit

  • Hearthstones will work for any person, whether they are magically inclined or not. However, in order to set a hearthstone to a specific location, someone knowledgable in the workings of these devices must be involved.
  • Using a hearthstone is as simple as holding the rock in one hand and mentally concentrating on it. An aura of green light will eminate around the user's hand, accompanied by a small disturbance of air. After several seconds of concentration, the user will be teleported to the stone's previously set location.
  • Hearthstones typically can only teleport one person at a time, but many are modified to account for pets and small children who may be with the stone's owner. In these instances, modified hearthstones will teleport their owner along with the owner's pets and any small children, so long as they are nearby when the teleportation is cast.


The creation and use of hearthstones originated in Azeroth as a quick, reliable source of transportation. They were first introduced to earth by Keedle and his crew in 2009, where the goblins attempted to lure Datharil and Ivy into their portal device, after giving Dath a hearthstone 'in case he ran into trouble.' Sadly, Datharil never learned how to use the device prior to being sucked into the Void and dropped into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and spent the next hour running for his ife from a horde of the infected undead.

Following that misshap, Keedle introduced his own private stache of hearthstones to the citizens of Laissez Faire. A total of twenty-two are currently kept at the Headquarters, and they are currently the only hearthstones known to be on earth.