Name: Highgrade, High-grade

Origins: Artificial substance; first manufactured on Cybertron

Classification: N/A

Restrictions: None


High-grade is a derivitive of energon, and looks identical in most forms. It is a caustic, moderately alkaline liquid with a bright blue color, and luminescent quality. It is traditionally stored in glass-like cubes for easy consumption by cybertronians, or larger crates if being stored for prolonged periods.

High-grade can be consumed by cybertronians, or directly fed into an energon line.


Depending on the variety and concentration of high-grade produced, the effects and duration of symptoms can vary. Symptoms closely mimic those produced by alcohol on organic species, including impaired judgement and motorskills, delayed reaction time, increased sociability, and altered cognitive fuctions and consciousness.

Continued consumption of High-grade can lead to a loss of consciousness.

Because of the caustic nature of High-grade, ingestion of this liquid by organic creatures will lead to death from destruction of soft tissue and internal organs. Physical contact will result in severe chemical burns on the skin. Any organic individual who survives consumption of high-grade will not experience the cognitive effects it has on cybertronians, as High-grade cannot be broken down by a non-cybertronian body.


Headaches are the most common symptom of withdrawl, as over-energized circuits in the CPU begin to recover. Depending on the quantity of High-grade ingested, individuals may experience nausea and regurgitation, particularly if their tanks are filled to capacity. Irritiability, sensitivty to stimuli, and lethargy are also common. Symptoms generally dissipate entirely after twenty-four hours.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Ratchet is capable of creating high-grade, and usually has a sizable supply on hand (usually locked somewhere in or around his workbench).
  • It has been mentioned that Sunstreaker is fairly good at making high-grade, but lacks the necessary equipment to do so on earth. It should be assumed that Beachcomber is also familiar with how to create the substance.