Name: Ironhide

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Cybertronian

Status: Soldier

Occupation: Soldier, Weapon Specialist


Ironhide stands at twenty-two feet, bearing a heavily armored body and wide, splayed feet that help to maintain balance and keep him steady when firing his high-powered weapons. His armor is predominantly black, with some highlights of silver and gold.

Being the old war veteran that he is, scars, scrapes, and dents are found across virtually all of his dark plating. One of the most notable battle wounds that he carries is across his right eye, where the optic and the delicate structures around it have been permanently marred and disfigured.


When traveling long distances, Ironhide transforms into a GMC Topkick C4500 to cover ground faster. This form also allows him to more safely carry a number of passengers, though it hinders his ability to attack.

First and foremost, Ironhide is a soldier. Lacking much in the way of scanners or other sophisticated sensory systems, his strength comes in the form of two massive cannons that lay partially nested in each arm. One is a plasma launcher, and the other a laser-guided rocket cannon, and both are as powerful as they are accurate.

Even though his bulk and age suggest that he would be slow and ponderous in the battlefield, Ironhide is exceptionally agile.

History Before the VoidEdit

Ironhide trained soldiers in the art of combat, primarily for gladitorial sporting events, and for troops that were sent out to survey other planets and safeguard resources for Cybertron. He frequently joined the latter groups and served as commander on countless missions, even though their kind rarely met another race that posed a threat to them. It was their own species, he would eventually learn, that was its biggest threat.

When civil unrest broke out on Cybertron, Ironhide's longstanding friendship with Optimus Prime not enough to convince the veteran that their cause was the best one. Firmly believing that the Decepticons were the better choice for a stronger Cyberton, and yet unwilling to completely disreguard his friend and leader, Ironhide stubbornly refused to join either side, even when the unrest erupted into war.

A few years after the start of the Great War, Ironhide came across a young sparkling orphaned by the escalating fighting, and left to die as their planet was slowly being destroyed. The infant bot, later to be named Bumblebee, ultimately forced Ironhide to see that the Decepticon's interests were not shared by him, and he eventually sided with the Autobot faction.

As the war dragged on and Cybertron inevitably fell to the ceaseless destruction, Ironhide traveled with a small, ragtag group of mechs as they sought to locate the Allspark that had been frantically evacuated from their home to keep it out of enemy hands. After searching for countless years in fragmented teams across the universe, Ironhide and Ratchet eventually rendezvoused with Bumblebee on Earth.

History in the VoidEdit

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Other InformationEdit

  • Ironhide oversees and conducts regular training exercises with Laissez's security forces, and typically coordinates and commands troops during combat.