Name: Jekegii

Gender: Male

Race: Zerg

Breed: Defiler (Hybrid)

Age: 2

Status: Citizen

Occupation: N/A

Residence: Briar's Colony


Jekegii's overall shape holds a vague resemblance to silverfish, having a low, flat body, a long, dense tail, and all of his appendages centered towards the front of his body.

Most of Jekegii's body is covered in a leathery hide, with only a few points having any carapace over them, making his breed considerably weaker than most other zerg. He is also crawling with parasites that range in size from fleas to small cockroaches, and can carry so many on his body that they completely carpet his back and tail at times.

His color is grayish-brown, with moss-green splotches on his back and head. His eyes are silvery and luminescent.

From snout to tail-tip, Jekegii is close to 16 feet long.


Defilers are renowned for their heavy load of parasites and the complicated makeup of their DNA, and Jekegii is no exception. Using the hive-mind mentality that is associated with the zerg, he can shepherd his parasites around, guiding them to swarm and attack potential enemies or prey, to overwhelm them with thousands of tiny bites that can cause a range of crippling viral and bacterial infections if not treated promptly. The parasites are extremely caustic, and squashing them will cause this degrading liquid the splatter on and burn any surface it touches. On a more strategic level, the parasites can be used on a smaller scale to harvest DNA from other organisms, then return it to Jekegii where he can then reassemble it for any traits that could be beneficial to the colony.

Certain varieties of the parasites produce caustic spores that slowly build in layers over Jekegii's back. By shaking his body vigorously, he can loosen these piled layers off of his skin, where they explode into the surrounding air in a toxic red cloud. As the activated spores land on surrounding materials, they quickly burn through them for several seconds before neutralizing. The resulting burns are often enough to dissolve straight through skin and into muscle, and have been documented eating down through Cybertronian metal by as much as a quarter inch.

Jekegii has an extremely fast metabolism that allows him to heal the many hundreds of thousands of bites he experiences day to day from his parasites. He can also heal from any injury that doesn't outright kill him, and is immune to most illnesses. To compensate for such high energy needs, Jekegii must eat often and remain near the creep, and is the only breed of zerg who regularly cannibilizes other colony members - though Jekegii only consumes those members who have already died.

Being spliced with protoss DNA, and already possessing the telepathic abilities of the zerg, Jekegii is not only able to read the minds of others, but can influence their thoughts, causing hallucinations and disorientation. In order to utilize this ability however, Jekegii must either be near his victim, or tap into the sleeping mind of a nearby protoss.

Jekegii is a possible Cerebrate hybrid, though what, if any of their abilities he may have, is not yet known.

Life in the VoidEdit

Jekegii started life as a larvae spawned in Ehtidkoush's colony. To secure the continued survival of his colony in the event of his death, Ehtid groomed the small grub to mutate and evolve as a defiler like himself, complete with his mix of protoss DNA, intelligence, and even his memories. When eventually Jekegii morphed from a larvae to his adult, defiler form, he followed Ehtidkoush loyally and assisted him in managing the small colony that had since been established outside of Laissez Faire.

When Ehtidkoush was eventually killed and Briar took over leading the colony, Jekegii pledged his full allegience to the theif, and acts as Briar's second-in-command when it comes to running the colony and keeping its members in line.


Jekegii looked up to Ehtidkoush as a mentor and leader, and held strong loyalties towards the defiler hybrid. He sympathised with Ehtid's anger against Kerrigan when she betrayed him, and firmly supported his desire to protect and strengthen the colony that had split away from Kerrigan's control. However, where Ehtid macro-managed the colony, Jekegii saw value in the individual lives of the zerg that worked under his leadership, and though he never questioned Ehtid's methods or voiced his opinion, it remained one source of disagreement between them.

Briar Moss is looked up to with the same esteem as Ehtidkoush, though on a more personal level. Jekegii firmly believes that Briar's method of micro-managing the colony and seeing each individual as a unique and precious life is the best path for the colony. He follows the mage with the same questionless loyalty as he did with Ehtid, while also serving as a mentor for Briar when he needs it.

Jekegii is fond of Immunda, despite their gap in intelligence.