Name: Keedle Bronzebottle

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Race: Goblin

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Engineering assistant, pawn shop owner

"I'll have you know that my last two inventions only suffered a total of four setbacks, none of which resulted in anything more than a few minor burns." - Keedle Bronzebottle on his 'impressive' track record.


Keedle stands at a modest 2'10", and weighs in around 43 lbs. His skin is a shade of emerald green throughout, and his eyes are a light violet-purple. On top of his head, receding back from his brows and forehead, is a mop of medium brown, spiky hair.

Like all goblins, Keedle has four fingers and four toes, all equipped with nails that grow thicker and more pointed than those of humans (though Keedle generally keeps his fingernails trimmed and dull). His incisors are likewise pointed and sharp and almost shark-like in appearance when he smiles.

Keedle is generally not interested in fashion, and tends to wear whatever suits his needs - mostly, any clothing that is fire-resistant. He does have one ear pierced with a gold ring, and a large, decorative bolt nose-ring.

Before the VoidEdit

Keedle was born and grew up in a city known as Gadgetzan, the youngest son in a family of twelve older siblings. At a young age, he started learning the art of engineering from his father, and quickly showed a keen interest and budding talent for the trade. At age 12, his father and four older siblings tragically perished in a work-related explosion that demolished their home, and set a large portion of Gadgetzan ablaze. Following this disaster and the subsequent abduction of his mother and two other siblings by the South Sea Pirates, Keedle decided it was best to leave his desert home, and struck out on his own.

Unable to make a living off his engineering skills, Keedle was forced to put his interests aside, and found a more reliable source of income through the art of stealing goods from one town and re-selling them in another. Keedle became adept at charming and hustling unsuspecting victims, and honed his slick-talking skills to a fine point.


Fireproof clothing is essential for any goblin engineer. Fireproof workstations are optional.

Keedle's abilities were eventually noticed by another goblin by the name of Tetrix, who invited him to join his crew as they traveled along coastal towns and traded goods and services. Seeing an opportunity to make more money, Keedle accepted the offer and spent the next several years with Tetrix's group.

The band would later be hired by a mage with an interest in exploiting the properties of portals, which led to Keedle working on a machine to contain the magic required for supporting it - a feat that had never been asked of a goblin, and for good reason. After a lengthy trial and error period involving dozens of unfortunate and sometimes unknowing participants, a working prototype was developed.

Unfortunately for Tetrix and his crew, there were several bugs still needing to be worked out with their portal device and, lacking the interest in such frivolous things as 'safety protocals', and any knowledge over how the mage's magic worked (or his underlying motives), disaster eventually struck the small group. The portal device malfunctioned during a demonstration on the outskirts of Silvermoon City, and the entire crew was swallowed up in the ensuing Void that opened, and were never to be seen or heard of again on Azeroth...

Life on EarthEdit

The disastrous malfunction had transported Keedle and company to present-day Earth, more or less unharmed. A few attempts were made to return to their home planet, but when that failed, efforts turned to fixing and restabilizing the portal device - and promptly getting back to work stealing, trading, and dealing with the local inhabitants of their new home.

The group was traveling through Laissez Faire in late 2009, looking for unwitting victims to test their newly repaired portal device, when the ran across Datharil and Ivy. With backing from Ivy, Datharil eventually declined the persistent efforts of the goblins to entice him through the portal, but upon walking away, the unstable device malfunctioned again, drawing Datharil and all the goblins save for Keedle into another universe. Keedle was promptly captured by Ivy and brought back to the Medical Facility for questioning. Datharil was eventually returned to Laissez Faire after spending upwards of an hour running from zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, though Tetrix and the rest of his unfortunate crew were never found. For his involvement in the fiasco, Keedle was sentenced to several weeks of confinement in Laissez Faire's prison, and spent another year under strict probation afterwards.

During his probation time in Laissez Faire, the goblin became enthralled by the vast array of technologies and the seemingly endless (and mostly legal) ways to turn a profit in the massive city. No longer having Tetrix to follow, Keedle decided to make his stay in Laissez Faire a permanent one. And though this meant he had to move away from thievery and other shady tactics that he had become so familiar with and adept at, Keedle was eager to put aside most of those skills and work more towards what had inspired him as a kid - engineering.

In late 2010, Keedle was ambushed by Seharnth, a shape-shifting zerg under Kerrigan's command. The goblin was easily subdued and captured, and taken to Meinville's laboratory. His disappearance went unnoticed as Seharnth remained behind at Laissez Faire, taking Keedle's physical appearance in order to cover for the man's disappearance. Using Keedle's looks as his guise, Seharnth was able to infiltrate the group and capture Elliot, and nearly caught Datharil as well before being uncovered. Eventually, after spending over a week in Meinville, Keedle and a number of other captured individuals were freed and returned home, though Keedle was left with three sizable gashes in his right ear.

Late in 2011, he assisted Wheeljack in creating a decoy Allspark, to be used in tricking Starscream during a a rescue mission in Meinville.

In 2012, Keedle was among a number of individuals recruited by the Dawn's Ark to help stabilize the ship. 


Keedle has become fast friends with Wheeljack, due to their mutual love for engineering. The mech had earlier taken it upon himself to keep an eye on the goblin during his probation period, and it was he who introduced the goblin to the sort of technologies and engineering opportunities that the city could provide. On most days, Keedle can be found working along side Jack on this project or that.

For as well as Keedle has done turning over a new leaf, he frequently uses Little Friend for his own gains by secretly bribing the child with monopoly money and cat food in exchange for various goods that Friend brings him, even knowing full well that Friend obtains these 'goods' by stealing them.