Name: Konjac Thornweaver
Gender: Male
Race: Tauren
Age: 22
Birthdate: 1989
Place of Birth: Mulgore, Azeroth

Height: 7' 11"
Weight: 493 lbs

Status: Refugee
Occupation: N/A



Konjac Thornweaver

As his race would suggest, Konjac resembles nothing so much as a large, upright bovine humanoid, possessed of oversized hooves, a soft-tufted tail, and a large muscular build. He has a large, square muzzle and broad horns extending out from either side of his head, which mark the beginning of a wiry black mane that sprouts all the way up his hunched back and for several inches down the other side. The greater portion of his large frame is covered in downy-soft ebony fur, with little highlights of dove gray and accents of white that closely resemble the coloring of his father, Milkweed. He also shares his father's clear, startling blue eyes. He typically wears his beard in a thick braid hanging from his chin, while allowing the small tufts on either side to hang free. Most of his clothing is made of leather or some other sort of hide, cured and fashioned by his mother, Janah, who is a master leatherworker.



In lion form

Druidism: Konjac is a fairly young, initiate druid, having mastered only basics and now beginning to learn the more difficult aspects of his trade. As such, he has not yet learned to assume all the forms that Milkweed can, though it has recently come to light that he has been experimenting with the druid's most advanced form - the storm crow - against his father's wishes. Thus far, he is able to communicate on a basic level with most animals, and to assume the typical druidic shapes of a mountain lion, bear, sea lion, and leopard. In order to promote more balance into his son's otherwise relatively-feral druidic style, Milkweed has recently begun training him in the arts of healing and herblore, though this is a subject for which he has little interest or patience. Mostly, he learns these things to make his sire happy, due to a deep respect for Milkweed as both his father and his teacher.

Before the VoidEdit

Born to Milkweed and his lifemate Janah in a quiet village somewhere on the broad plain of Mulgore, Konjac was a curiosity right from the start, due mostly to the fact that he wasn't born alone: he has a twin brother, Contus, and such things are more unusual among the tauren people than other races. The pair of them grew up as something of an oddity in their small village, and yet despite the amount of attention paid them due to the fact that they were twins, Konjac remembers their shared childhood as a very happy one, filled with long nights by the fire surrounded by the sounds of his parents' voices as they told stories, and plenty of time to spend getting into all kinds of mild mischief with Contus. The family was a very close-knit one, and though he can recall times, as a calf, when his father would be gone for a few days at a time to speak with this person or that about important matters, he never gave them much thought; Milkweed was his father, and in his calf's mind, it never occurred to him that the bull might be someone rather important. The affectionate bull who enjoyed wrestling with and tickling his children was all that Konjac ever saw, until he began to grow older and see other things in his sire.

By the time he was perceptive enough to begin to understand that perhaps Milkweed's life had been a little less content than he let his children know about, Konjac's attention was suddenly taken up by lessons - at first, simple things like reading and writing in his native tongue were all that was required of him, but these lessons quickly escalated when it became clear through his prominent attachment to Muata that he would likely become a druid like his father. Before he knew it, Konjac was studying animal behavior, the balance of nature, shapeshifting and Darnassian, and spending many hours every day away from home, with only his father for company as they traveled Mulgore, meeting with animals and generally exploring to help broaden his horizons. This was a particularly difficult transitional time for him however, because for the first time, he was doing things apart from Contus, who up to now had been his constant companion but now was pursuing his own interests in the path of shamans. It was very hard for Konjac to be separated from his twin day after day, and to have less time to themselves to enjoy one another - in fact, during one particularly long separation when Millkweed had taken him to the nearby Stonetalon Mountains to train for a week, their trip had been cut short because Konjac had suddenly taken ill, after being separated from Contus for three days at a stretch. This effect has faded in intensity somewhat over time, but Konjac still does best when he has his brother nearby.

Life in the VoidEdit

Eventually, as all young creatures must do, Contus and Konjac left their parents and set out on their own to further their experiences in the world and establish themselves as adults. As they were so close, they remained together, and became a very effective team, with Contus' patience and endurance balancing out Konjac's more impulsive side. They'd been on their own for nearly a year when sudden chaos struck Azeroth - the elements began to go wild, whipping the planet with violent hailstorms, tidal waves, earthquakes, and the like. As the wisest of their shamans scrambled to try to understand what was happening to their world, young, old, injured, and untrained were teleported out of major cities around the globe into safer locations, constantly on the run to stay one step ahead of what everyone was beginning to call 'The Cataclysm'. Konjac and Contus were in Thunder Bluff one afternoon when a particularly fierce storm ravaged the bluffs, and though they wanted to offer their aid in the efforts to calm the elements, they were hustled to the evacuation points by concerned elders... and through some strange turn of events, found themselves not at a safe distance on the broad plain, but... somewhere else, altogether.

After having been dropped rather harshly onto Earth from a great height, Konjac woke to find himself utterly alone for the first time in his life, the grass beneath him cold and the wind icy, with not even his brother nearby for comfort's sake. His first thought, after realizing that they must have become separated when they'd been teleported out of Thunder Bluff, was to take to his flight form and vault into the skies, swooping high above the earth below him to try to locate Contus. Unfortunately, the large black form in the sky quickly caught the attention of a troop of Meinville patrollmen, who realized that such a large bird could not be a natural thing, and promptly turned their weapons upon him, shooting Konjac right out of the air, causing him to break one of his large wings in the fall. Aside from the broken wing, his injuries were grazing and mild, but the precious moments during which he was stunned after hitting the ground with such force offered the humans an advantage; before he could recover, they had fastened a heavy metal band onto one of the giant bird's feet, and he soon discovered that every time he attempted to change forms, this circle of metal would send a shot of electricity through him, disrupting his concentration and frequently rendering him unconscious - ultimately, it had the effect of keeping him bound to his avian form. Once they had him under control, the Meinville patrollmen loaded Konjac into an armored van and continued their patrol, which went on for three days in the wild lands surrounding the city before they finally reported back to base and handed Konjac over to the confinement of the laboratory there.

To his relief, he found upon being dragged into the establishment that Contus was there, alive and well - though he was puzzled as to why they and a host of other harmless looking individuals - among them Rosethorn, Ajahni, Taelitu, Elliot, Keedle, Aiko, and Briana - had been imprisoned, and assumed that there had been some grand misunderstanding, and they would soon be freed. That belief was soon shattered by the appearance of Kerrigan and the level of cruelty she displayed toward their fellow prisoners. Over the course of the next several days, the gathering of innocents were offered no food or water, causing a sharp decline in Konjac's health due to his bird form's fast metabolism - a decline which was exacerbated when Kerrigan produced a small zerg that produced a hybridized form of creep, which twice overwhelmed him and sucked nutrients and DNA from his body. The result was that, by the time Laissez Faire's forces came and rescued the victims, Konjac was quite bad off, and was immediately returned to their medical facility for treatment.

Upon rousing from unconsciousness when finally he arrived in Laissez Faire, Konjac was astonished to find Janah standing over him, and to see his father standing nearby; some blessed twist of fate had returned his family to him, and thus he happily settled in Laissez Faire to remain near to them. It took several days for him to recover from his ordeal, and he still occasionally longs to return to his home in Azeroth, but for now has found contentment and purpose in enjoying his parents again and getting back to his studies.


The tauren family is a close one, with Milkweed a very involved and hands-on father, and Janah an affectionate mother who unfailingly supports both the shared characteristics of her sons, and the things that made them individuals. With such a family, Konjac grew up a happy child, well adjusted to take on the world.

Contus is Konjac's twin brother, and his closest friend in all the world. Long periods of time wherein he is parted from his brother usually end with dispondent behavior on both sides, and Konjac particularly is prone to becoming inordinately solemn and depressed - very unusual, in his jolly nature - and losing his appetite if the separation continues. When they are together, near-constant teasing and joking around are to be witnessed in great abundance; but if ever anything threatens their family or friends, woe to their enemies - this pair of twins is a powerful duo.

Taelitu, upon returning with the twins from the laboratory, found herself very anxious. This is due mostly to the fact that she had grown close to Milkweed in the time that the boys had been gone, and now sees them as a competition for his affection. She resents Konjac in particular because he is also a druid, as she is, and thus in her view eliminates the uniqueness of the qualities that she believes has drawn her closer to Milkweed. She has thus far proved unable to understand that Milkweed's love for her is not simply something to be given and then taken away, and since the twins' return, she has given Konjac quite a hard time, because she feels that her place in the family is threatened.

Zhenn'arh is a close friend of the family, and thus Konjac has always looked up to the troll a great deal.