Since the opening of the Turbatio Void in 2007, Laissez Faire quickly became the central city for the self proclaimed forces of 'good'. This city is proactive in protecting the rights of its citizens, providing justice, upholding strong morals, and coming to the aid of other communities in need.

Most of Laissez Faire's population consists of regular citizens, though it does boast a sizeable military and security force, both for safe guarding the city and for providing emergency assistance to outsiders.

Current Leader: Barney Calhoun

Population: 53,392 (Citizen Registry)

Demographics: 92% Human, 8% Alien/Other


Most nearby communities remain friendly with Laissez Faire, due to the city's greater resources and active support and protection of its neighbors. The only communites that are in active conflict with Laissez Faire are Demesnen, its greatest rival, and Meinville. Because of their close proximity to one another, a mere fifteen miles and ten respectively between city limits, all sides can be quick to react to provocations and threats. Demesnen and Laissez Faire in particular have launched a number of assaults and counter-assaults, mostly instigated by the former's actions.

Living in Laissez FaireEdit

For the average citizen, living in Laissez Faire is not so unlike living in any other big city prior to the opening of the Void. Though the city is contantly being upgraded with new technologies and being outfitted to accomodate otherworldly residents, most things have remained fairly standard. Humans make up the majority of the population, and as such, most homes, stores, and other such buildings have been left untouched. Only the Down Town district has seen any massive overhauls, particularly in the size of buildings, and the reinforcement of roadways.

Crime is minimal, and poverty is low, thanks in part to stricter surveillence around the city and a greater capacity to rehabilitate and care for citizens in need.

Places of InterestEdit


The largest building in Laissez Faire, the Headquarters serves a number of uses for the community. With its Main room covering four city blocks and boasting a 300 foot high ceiling, it is large enough to accommodate citizens of almost any size and shape, and serves as a hall for town meetings, large celebrations, and a variety of other activities.

Branching off from this central dome are several dormitory wings where regular citizens can opt to live. A section of these units are reserved for guests of Laissez Faire, as well as for new arrivals to earth who need special assistance in acclimating to the planet.

Among a list of other facilities, from daycare rooms to eateries, bathhouses and storage vaults, there are several locations of great importance.

  • Bunker - This massive, underground chamber is heavily fortified to withstand the worst of the worst when it comes to attacks on Laissez Faire, whether it be natural disasters or all-out assaults from the city's enemies.
  • Communications Room - This high-tech room is filled with monitors and machines, and all the latest equipment. It is from here that contact can be made not only with other cities and orbiting space stations, but also with other planets. Regular citizens looking to utilize the Comm room should get in contact with Sandry or Bumblebee.

Medical Facility

Similar to the Headquarters, the Medical Facility's Main room is a domed structure 300 feet in height, and covering six acres. It has a number of housing units on its first, second, and thrid floors, which are normally reserved for friends and family members of patients, as well as for the staff. Like the Headquarters, the Medical Facility also has a large Rec room and a sizeable kitchen and dining area located off the Main room.

Laissez Faire currently has the best equipped facility with the latest in health care equipment, and a large staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists. Dedicate Rosethorn, Ratchet, and Briar Moss are well known physicians that work in the Medical Facility, and at any given time, at least one is always on call.

Briar's Colony

Briar's Colony is located in Laissez Faire's largest park, and is home to small colony of zerg under Briar's leadership. Due to the high amount harmful pathogens associated with zerg, as well as the aliens' potentially dangerous nature, citizens are strongly encouraged not to enter the park. If zerg are encountered outside of the park's confines, individuals should not approach or feed them.