Name: Lament

Age: 98

Gender: Female

Race: Mirror Dragon (Plague Flight)

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Tinkerer

"Let them come, my lady. They will regret the moment they stepped foot in Mother's domain." Lament, in response to the news that a rival clan was invading.


A well-muscled, whip-tailed, limber dragon with a soil-colored body and reddish-orange wings. She possesses two sets of eyes. The larger set allows her to see light, while the smaller forward-set pair allows her to track their prey by heat signature. Every mirror dragon has a rigid, fanned crest that is used in displays of dominance.
Contrary to the usual ruthless, feral behavior of her species, Lament has turned to the ways of science, knowledge, and engineering. She wears a steampunk-styled outfit, granting her extra strength and protection and aiding in her inventing, and keeping her natural nuclear radiation from escaping and causing undue harm to others.

History Before the VoidEdit

Lament is an eccentric dragon. This is surprising, as Lament is a Mirror dragon, a species known for its ruthless and feral behavior. Her mother was a Plague Mirror dragon, her father a Lightning Ridgeback dragon. The couple fought over their single egg, each wanting to bring the hatchling up in their own land. They clashed, a Plague dragon on the ground against a Lightning dragon in the air, the result of which was a burst of radiation. This hybrid magic mutated Lament. As her parents vanished into a toxic cloud of radiation, Lament hatched. She was born much more intelligent than many of the feral Mirror packs. As a dangerous side effect of her origins, radiation emanates from her body. But after arriving at what would become her new home, the Valebane Clan, the clan's scientist and former leader, Karamat, fashioned a set of machinery that absorbed this radiation and turned it into harmless electrical energy. She now uses this energy to invent contraptions powered by electricity in the air and radiation from the ground... the only remaining fragments of her parents.


Lament is a member of the Valebane Clan, led by Lady Marre. While Lament has never personally met the Plaguebringer, she serves this deity and follows her orders without hesitation.

Lament raised Thatcher from a young hatchling.