Name: 'Little Friend'

Gender: Hermaphrodite (typically referred to as a 'male' however)

Race: Prawn

Age: 5-6 (Real age unknown)

Height: 2'7"

Weight: 24 lbs

Place of Birth: District 9, Johannesburg, South Africa

Father: Paul (Deceased)

Mother: N/A

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Child


Friend is somewhat insectoid in appearance, with two pairs of antennae sprouting from his forehead, segments of spiny carapace covering most of his body, and long, spindly limbs. His wide mouth is partially obscured by several tentacle-like appendages that hang down in front of it.

Below his chest are to additional 'limbs'. Both of these mini limbs have three digits each, and can be used for pinching or grasping objects. His primary arms are also equipped with three digits, while his feet have four toes each.

Friend's carapace is a contrasting yellow and black/brown color, with orange-yellow eyes.


Little Friend is omnivorous, though he tends to eat more meat than anything. He, like all others of his race, are curiously addicted to canned cat food, and he will do anything to have some. Friend also enjoys chewing on tires, though he is unhable to digest rubber, and it has no nutritional value to his species.


Little Friend is physically incapable of producing the sounds needed to properly speak most of Earth's languages, though he understands English very fluently, and has some understanding of the English alphabet and how to write it.

Life before the VoidEdit

Little Friend was born in District 9, on the edge of Johannesburg, South Africa. His father was killed prior to his people being moved into District 10, though Little Friend does not know this, and still believes that his father is alive.

Life on EarthEdit

After spending several months in District 10, he and a number of other prawns were loaded up and shipped to Demesnen, after being purchased by Kerrigan to be used as soldiers and as a cheap labor force. The vehicle he was being transported in crashed en route to the city however, and an unharmed Little Friend was able to escape and evade recapture.

A week later, he was discovered by Teshi and Niklaren Goldeye while rummaging in a dumpster in Laissez Faire, and brought back to the Medical Facility. Failing to figure out where the child had come from or who and where his parents were, he was unofficially adopted by Aiko and Lutarez, and has remained in their care since.

Since settling in with his new family, Little Friend has displayed kleptic tendancies and has had ongoing issues stealing and hoarding objects from anyone he can, taking things as mundane as empty bottles and trash, to more expensive items such as jewelry and money, and even dangerous equipment like weapons and chemicals. Keedle has recently taken advantage of this by trading for some of Friend's 'goods' in exchange for monopoly money and cat food.

Friend has also gotten himself into trouble sneaking out while his family is asleep, and by utilizing trains and subways, has traveled as far as Meinville and Demsenen in the course of a single night to steal things. Despite his risky adventures, the child has proven himself to be very adept at what he does, and has only been captured a handful of times - most of those being by Laissez Faire's animal control, after getting himself stuck in cat traps left out to control feral colonies.