Calahan Vincent

Lorcan Calahan Vincent is a mutant human/cyborg who was originally drafted to Demesnen, but eventually defected to Laissez Faire. He rarely uses his first name; he usually goes by "Calahan" or simply just "Cal." Very few call him by his last name, usually preceded by "Mister."

Some notable abilities of his are electromagnetic manipulation, enhanced strength, enhanced senses, enhanced thinking/calculating skills, and weak telepathy/mind control. Much of this was intensified by the steel skeleton and electronic components that were added after a near-fatal car accident.


Name: Lorcan Calahan Vincent (prefers to be called Calahan)
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant human/cyborg
Age: Late 30s
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 240 pounds
Residence: Laissez Faire
Status: Active Military
Occupation: Military Intelligence Officer/Mechanic

Family: Aiden Vincent (son), Coltrane Calh (son)
Relationships: He is currently fond of Kandire


Standing at 6'7", Calahan is taller than the average human male. He does, however, appear rather emaciated, but despite this, he is strong enough to lift a small school bus over his head. His skin is greatly scarred and is a pale shade of tan, and the inability to tan any further is attributed to his mother. Two tattoos are on his right wrist: the number 2567313 and a barcode, presumably a form of identification. His hair is pitch black and cut short, though it has the tendency to get rather shaggy. In contrast to his dark hair, his right eye is bright green. His left eye is bright red, with the pupil glowing intensely.

After a near-fatal car accident, he was saved through the use of futuristic technology. Many of his bones, after being shattered, were replaced with steel. His damaged organs were replaced with their technological counterparts. His left arm, specifically, is exposed and made of steel. It ends in four movable blades: three 'fingers' and one 'thumb.' His left leg is technically a prosthetic, also made of hardened steel. The left side of his lower jaw has been substituted with a metal brace, with a few of his teeth also being metal counterparts. Most of his brain has been replaced with a sort of semi-biological computer – a central thought processor - allowing him to calculate things more quickly and easily, and also giving him the ability to pick up radio signals and brain waves; this also allows him to control the minds of others, to an extent. His left eye is basically a sort of camera, allowing him to see much greater than a fully biological eye. It is bright red on the pupil, darker red on the iris, and silvery-white on the sclera (the "white" of the eye).


Calahan was born with many abilities: electromagnetic manipulation, weak telepathy/mind control, and enhanced vision, hearing, and overall perception of the world. Along with these abilities, more became available through modification: superhuman strength, enhanced thinking/calculating skills, and a stronger skeleton.


Besides the typical human diet, Calahan relies heavily on raw fish and other seafood, sea vegetables (such as kelp), as well as high amounts of salt. He cannot drink coffee; even a small amount could be fatal to him.


When he was 3 years old, Calahan began levitating objects with his artificial magnetic field. It was later discovered that he could manipulate electricity, though it is not known how he acquired this power. The medical attention and the fear people had for him greatly frustrated him to the point he began shocking people who angered him. He occasionally shocked birds and watched them fall out of the air. At age 9, he was sent to a mental institution and spent the remainder of his childhood there. Then an electrical storm, which most have believed is more than a coincidence, killed or wounded everybody in the building except for him. He escaped shortly after turning 19, but was a wanted man. He ran from the cops, only to be in a car accident which broke most of his bones and nearly killed him. He was in a coma for several days, and on the second day, he was taken in by a group of people like him - mutant outcasts. Both left limbs were amputated and replaced with steel prosthetics. His shattered bones were also replaced, as well as the damaged organs and half of his brain. He left the group for fear of accidentally hurting them. He joined Demesnen's ranks, but soon defected to Laissez Faire.


He is fond of Kandire and is known to be distant, low-functioning, troublesome and occasionally unlawful when she is not around. It may be considered a "significant other" relationship, but Calahan refuses to admit that.

He has two sons - Aiden and Coltrane - though he has not seen Coltrane for some time. Aiden is very close to his father, and vice versa.

Another close friend of his is Kid A, whom Calahan and his allies rescued from Demesnen. It was found out not long after the rescue that Kid A is the result of a cloning experiment, and was in fact created using DNA from Calahan's now-deceased sister, Areli.

When searching for Aiden in the Void after the child had gotten lost, Calahan and Kandire met Thamalek, a Gorge of the Khaara race, who quickly befriended them. Calahan sees Thamalek as a sort of pet, while Aiden holds him in the same regard as a human. Besides the alien, Calahan also owns a gyrfalcon named Kestrel.