Name: Maelstrom (Strom)
Age: 4 months
Gender: Female
Race: Canine/Unknown

Status:  Uncertain
Occupation: Uncertain

Height: 1' 4"
Weight: 15 lbs

Sire: Ivy
Dam: Unknown


The product of large-bodied, long coated Ivy and a female of unknown origin and breeds, Maelstrom is shorter-coated than her father, whose ebony color she shares, but with the same silky, plush sort of quality that his fur possesses. Still a puppy, she is long and lean, rather than solidly built, her legs thin as twigs and her footing often quite fumbly as she makes her way in the world; this is due not only to her general puppy clumsiness, but also to one feature unique to Strom herself: she is blind. Not born blind, the pup lost her sight due to a head trauma received when she was only a few days old, but gets along admirably well without vision to aid her. Her hearing and sense of smell are heightened due to the loss of sight, and her sister Era has also been known to serve as her eyes from time to time, when it is needed. Unlike her father's seemingly-dual personality, Strom is all-around friendly and cuddly, though she has shown a marked preference for the company of Warp.


It is uncertain, at this time, how much of her father's talents Strom may share, particularly as the extent of Ivy's own abilities is highly unknown. Her alleged talents include:

  • Heightened hearing and sense of smell. Strom has proven able to detect and identify the scent of any person familiar to her from up to the distance of three city blocks away, and to hear persons or vehicles coming at a distance of up to four blocks.
  • She has inherited the ability to speak telepathically from her father.
  • Her intelligence is rumored to be quite high.
  • She seems to have a sixth sense about most creatures. If Strom attaches herself to a person, they are very likely to be good-hearted.

It has also been rumored that Maelstrom has not come fully into her unusual powers yet, and may gain more of her father's gifts as she grows older. Which of them she may gain and to what extent is up to question.

Before the VoidEdit

As with the identity of her mother, much about Strom's early life is largely unknown, due to the simple fact that she is, in fact, a dog - and thus cannot explain anything to anyone around her. Citizen Datharil, the current owner of Strom's sire Ivy, claims that both Maelstrom and her sister Era were raised outside of Laissez Faire, in the realms of Death while their father was working alongside Him. It was at some point during this time, when the pups were only days old, that Jenai's son discovered them and, infuriated by what he perceived as his abandonment by Ivy - even though he himself had chased the dog away - attacked the brood, slaying all but two pups and killing the mother when she rose to defend her young. With his responsibilities drawing him elsewhere and their mother now dead, Ivy reluctantly left Maelstrom and Era in the charge of Omathaeriel, a three-headed canine guard of the Underworld, rumored to be a distant relative of the mythical Cerberus - and a half sister of Doyle. An affectionate and dedicated father, it hurt Ivy to leave them behind, and yet the pups were still nursing, and as yet unready to leave the place of their birth. It was only once the pups were weaned and more or less ready to face the world that he finally consented to allow them to come stay with him in Laissez Faire.

Life in the VoidEdit

Initially, Ivy summoned Maelstrom to him for the purpose of being a comfort to Warp, who had recently lost his teddy bear and was beyond distraught over the missing toy. It was his thought that a puppy - particularly one as gentle-natured and adorable as his daughter - would be the perfect companion for the timid, shy sparkling, in helping him to become more socially confident and independent, where his tendency was to be fearful and cling to his father, Bumblebee. When he called for Strom though, Era followed along, leading him to assign her to her own charge, and making their stay with him in Laissez Faire a more permanent thing.