With the sudden influx of aliens, technologies, and the catastrophic threats they brought to earth, many people feared for the survival of not only themselves, but of their race and their planet.  Many of these like-minded individuals came together to form Meinville, right on the doorsteps of Laissez Faire and Demesnen.  The city is dominated by humans with a strong xenophobic attitide to all non-earth creatures and races.

Fear and despise aliens as they do, the people of Meinville actively seek out any non-earth technology and science that would benefit them and the human race in general.  To date, they have the largest and most sophisticated laboratory on the planet, and an impressive defense system that increasingly rivals that of Laissez Faire and Demesnen.

Current Leader: Todd Raimond

Population: 41,999

Demographics: 100% Human* (the city does keep a number of non-humans for slave-labor, but does not count them as part of their censusLaboratory subjects are similarly discounted.)


Meinville only offers assistance to those communities which support and follow its own ideals.  As such, Laissez Faire, Demesnen, and Roellen are considered enemies.  Roellen is often victimized by Meinville, with scientist routinely kidnapping non-humans from the outskirts of town (particularly from the Slums). 

Living in MeinvilleEdit

For humans, living in Meinville is much like living in any large city prior to the Void's opening.  There are no non-human accommodations in the city itself, and plentiful funding has allowed for top notch public services for its citizens.  Crime rate is low, emergency services are prompt, and poverty is near non existent.  Advanced alien technolgies are present in the city, but are used strictly by humans, for the well being of humans. 

For non-humans and any organisms not native to the planet, this is a very dangerous place to be.  Any aliens not kept as slave labor are either killed or imprisoned in Meinville's sophisticated laboratory to be tested upon.