Name: Tauhm 'Milkweed'
Gender: Male
Race: Tauren
Age: 54
Birthdate: 1957
Place of Birth: Azeroth

Height: 8'5"
Weight: 582 lbs

Status: Citizen
Occupation: N/A

Mate: Janah Thornweaver
Offspring: Konjac & Contus


He is distinctly bovine in appearance, with large, hoofed feet, a tail, and a bullish-looking face, including horns and droopy ears. The crest of his back rises up in a hunch, off of which sprouts a dense, dark-brown mane that extends from the top of his head to a third of the way down his back.

He is very heavily muscled, particularly in the upper body, and has arms that are bigger around than most humans are wide. Each hand has three fingers, including one thumb.

Milkweed is covered in downy fur that is a pale, 'milky' white color, contrasting against his darker mane, and the near-black tuft of fur at the end of his tail. Typically, he wears leather garments adorned with a variety of feathers, scales, and plants, and often keeps his hair braided in three thick cords.

When he takes on the form of other animals, he retains most of his true coloration, with fur and feathers staying a pale, off-white hue. His horns are included in the tranformations as well.


Druidism - Milkweed has trained as a druid, and as such, has the ability to shape-shift into a variety of different creatures. His primary transformations include a bear, feline, sealion, storm crow, leopard, and an elemental tree (akin to a small Ent).

Healing - Going along with his skills in Druidism, Milkweed was once able to call upon the powers of the earth to heal wounds on himself and others. Since coming through the Void, these healing powers have been drastically reduced, to the point that Milkweed often can't call upon these powers at all.

Plant Control - Where his strength in healing has suffered, Milkweed still retains a certain amount of control over plants, and when infuriated enough, can call upon massive thorned vines and roots to burst from the ground and ensnare his enemies.

History before the VoidEdit

Milkweed was born in a jungled area known as Feralas, on the planet Azeroth. Though his birth name is Tauhm, 'Milkweed' was the nickname given to him by his mother, on account of his pale colors and plushy-white calf fur resembling the tuft of milkweed seeds. The name has stuck with him, to the point that few call him by his actual name, or even know what it is.

Milkweed spent much time in Mulgore as a child and adolescent, accompanying his parents in frequent trips to the rolling plains where many of their relatives lived. It was there that he began studying Druidism, and where he met his future mate, Janah Thornweaver.

History in the VoidEdit

Milkweed was transported along with Janah to Laissez Faire by the Void, in late 2009. The incident occured after Daja, Wheeljack, Koal, and Kedra were accidentally transported to Azeroth after their Portal Device malfunctioned. After spending a day and night atop a high mesa, the group traveled west to Feralas, where they encountered Milkweed moments before the Void ported them all back to Laissez Faire.

Milkweed initially intended on staying in Laissez Faire only long enough to find a way back to Azeroth. This turned into a more permenant stay when he realized Zhenn'arh was citizen of the same city, and that so far, no one knew exactly how to locate Azeroth from Earth. At first, he was tolerant and friendly with the local inhabitants, though this was done out of courtesy for the fact that Laissez Faire had offered them shelter and protection. Eventually, Milkweed's jaded view of humans and his general desire to be closer to nature led him and Janah to setting up a camp within one of the forested parks of the city, where they were out of sight of the massive buildings and thrum of day to day activities.

While out hunting for food in early 2010, Milkweed was confronted by Meinville technicians on a remote roadway outside of the city. When the interaction turned sour and the technicians attempted to capture Milkweed, the enraged tauren fought back, and ended up ensnaring their vehicle in a mass of roots, crushing the car and killing two of the humans. He took to the air in his avian form to hunt down the third human who managed to flee on foot, but was shot by an electro-dart and crash landed in a tree, where he was later found by Sueko and Lutarez.


Janah Thornweaver is his lifemate, who he has been with for just over thirty years. Together, they have twin sons, Konjac and Contus, who arrived on Earth at a later date than their parents. Having very strong family bonds, Milkweed is highly protective of his mate and offspring, and though he does hold a high standard for his sons and expects the utmost respect and effort from them, he is also endlessly supportive and openly affectionate with his family, showing a much more jovial, lighter side than is afforded to any outsiders.

Milkweed has taken in Taelitu as a daughter to their family, after finding that the elf is an accomplished druid - and one in great need of formal training, by his views. He has also taken it upon himself to instill discipline and respect in the child, and to provide her some semblance of a normal family structure, which he feels she has been deprived of.

Zhenn'arh is one of his closest friends, as he has known the troll since Zhenn was just a child.

Because of Ventisshou's immediate disdain for him upon ariving in Laissez Faire, Milkweed has likewise shown a dislike for the draenei, which complicates their relationship in raising Taelitu. He has also recently shown a greater distrust for Ratchet, following an unfortunate incident in 2011 that led to the death of an alternate-universe Contus, which at the time the tauren family believed to be their son.