Name: Ounaleck

Age: 3-4 years

Gender: Male

Race: Zerg

Breed: Ultralisk (enhanced strain)

Status: Heavy Warrior

Location: Briar's Colony

Leaders: Briar Moss & Jekegii


As an ultralisk, Ounaleck's size in the colony is only rivaled by Vhresh. He walks on four sturdy, almost elphentine legs, and has a whisp of a tail. His head is relatively small, but the segmented and spike-adorned hood that extends out behind it makes it appear much larger.

Ouna's most prominent and rightfully feared features are his four scythes. Made of hardened bone, the edges of these blades can rend through cybertronian armor with ease, and make short work of almost any man-made material. The carapace covering his body is also particularly thick, allowing Ouna to withstand a great barrage of heavy weapon fire.

History in the VoidEdit

Ounaleck was discovered by Beachcomber in early 2009 during an outing in the wilder lands within Laissez Faire's territory. He found the massive beast to be as docile as a puppy, and was surprised when Ouna followed him all the way back to the Medical Facility. Thinking nothing of the zerg's monstrous size and the blades that could cleave a cybertronian in two, Beach happily introduced him to Briar, who quickly discovered Ouna was a member of Ehtidkoush's secretive colony. When questioned, Ouna relayed a message from Ehtid himself, one that requested permission from Laissez Faire to move his colony within city limits.

Later in the year, Ouna was one of a handful of zerg who survived Starscream's assault on their colony. He was later taken in by Laissez Faire and kept in confinement while Briar and others contemplated their future, following Ehtid's death. At one point in their several-week stay in the city, Sideswipe intentionally released the zerg (for reasons only known to Sideswipe), and the ensuing chaos ended with Ouna trampling a number of his smaller brethren and falling down a large flight of stairs to wind up stuck on his back and pinned between the walls.

Ounaleck eventually took up residence in the colony once it was reestablished by Briar, and has remained there ever since.