Palimal Syndrome is a rare hereditary condition that primarily affects the CPU, triggering a hyperactive response to certain stimuli that overloads the processors and interferes with cognitive functions. Common triggers for this hyperactive response can vary, but generally the individuals own immune response illnesses, electricity, and strong magnetic currents.


The most common trigger is illness, particularly any ailment that causes fever. Individuals began to show signs of confusion over the course of a few hours, and steadily deteriorate into a state of delusion. Their mood can be unpredicatlbe and their thought patterns erratic, so care should be taken when dealing with these individuals, so they do not bring harm to themselves or others around them.

In the case of electrical and magnetic triggers, individuals show an immediate, pronounced change of behavior and hyperactivity than can last upwards of a half an hour.


Despite there being no cure and no treatment for the condition, sufferers can expect to lead a normal life without any ill health effects. However, caution should be taken to avoid triggering episodes, such as using caution around electrical sources, and staying up to date an immunizations.