Name: Peacebloom (Botanical name unknown)

Origin: Azeroth


Peacebloom is a hardy summer-blooming perennial, with daisy-like flowers. It forms in clumps with large, pinate leaves that are light green with darker green veins. Up to seven flowers emerge from 18" to 24" stalks during early summer, with 6-10 white petals and a yellow center. In favorable locations, peacebloom will produce continuous clusters of flowers from early summer until first frost.

A sturdy plant, peacebloom establishes quickly in disturbed ground, favoring locations with full to partial sun exposure, though it will readily take to shaded areas, and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. This versatility can make peacebloom an unwelcome and highly invasive species in some areas.


Culinary - Young leaves can be added to salads, though their stringy texture and bitter taste is made more palatable by boiling or steaming. Flower buds can be sautéed and/or breaded as an appetizer.

Medicinal - Fresh or properly dried leaves can be combined into a poultice and applied directly to wounds, providing mild analgesic and strong antiseptic properties. Though slightly less effective, the roots can be used in the same fashion. Fresh leaves and roots can be chewed to provide general pain relief.

Special NotesEdit

  • Peacebloom was introduced to earth by Zhenn'arh in 2008. It has since spread rapdily around Laissez Faire to the point of being an invasive weed.