Name: Prawn, Poleepkwa

Planet of Origin: Unnamed planet with seven moons.

Lifespan: Unknown (Presumed to be silimiar to humans, if not longer)

Height: 7-9 foot

Weight: 200-350 lbs

Description: Prawn are humanoid with strongly insectoid characteristics. They have two pairs of antenna on their forehead, and a carapace covered body with an assortment of spikes along their being.  They have three fingered hands and four stout toes on each foot, as well as a second set of smaller 'arms' on their abdomen that can be used to grasp and manipulate objects. 

A number of tentacles obscure their wide mouths, which house an assortment of sharp 'teeth'.  Because of the anatomy of their mouth and throat, Prawn are unable to produce the sounds necessary to speak most human languages.

Prawn come in earthy tones of green, gray, tan, olive, and black.  Some highlighting colors of blue, yellow, orange, white, and gray are also common.

Diet: Prawn are primarily carnivorous, and consume raw meats.  Their jaw structures are built for crushing bone, while razor-sharp teeth can tear through the toughest of hides and tendons.

Oddly, prawn can become addicted to canned catfood, which has been noted to temporarily alter their behavior.  They also have a habit of ingesting materials that are inedible (most noteably, rubber).


Prawn are exceptionally strong.  This is possibly attributed to their orgins on a planet with higher gravity than earth, as well as the support of an exoskeleton.  They can lift and toss the average human through the air, leap several yards, and tear off limbs with ease.  Their anatomy also offers them a significant defense; prawn can withstand small arms fire much better than humans.

Their sophisticated technology is controllable only by prawns, as it reacts specifically to their DNA and will not function in the hands of any other race.