General InformationEdit

Name: Protoss, Khalai (traditional protoss), Nezarim (dark templars)

Planet of Origin: Auir

Lifespan: 900 - 1,300 (1,500 max)

Height: 7-9 feet

Weight: 300-500 lbs

Description: Protoss are humanoid, though they have no mouths, noses, or ears. Their legs are digitigrade with two toes, and their hands are fitted with four fingers, two of which are thumbs. Their fingers are fitted with long, hardened claws. They are broad in the shoulder and chest, and slim through their midsection.

Protoss have luminescent eyes and skulls that are oblong in the back, and typically covered in bony plates. Nerve tendrils grow from the base of their heads, looking similar to thick dreadlocks. Their skin color varies in coloration, and can range from gray to subdued hues of blue, purple, brown, and tan. Scales cover their body, and tend to grow thicker and rougher with age.

In place of a mouth or nose, protoss have a set of gills along the underside of their neck.

Diet: Protoss synthesize sunlight to produce energy, and absorb water through their skin. They are also capable of absorbing nutrients and sugars through their skin, but cannot subside entirely on this for their energy needs.

The nezarim utilize void energies for their sustenance, and thus can survive on planets without consistent sunlight.


With dense bones and muscles, protoss are exceptionally strong and tend to have far greater endurance than humans. They also have a higher tolerance for cold and heat.

Their most outstanding ability is their psionic prowess. The nerve cords that grow from their heads allow the protoss to communicate with each other telepathically, and sense the presence of their kind around them. They are naturally adept at reading minds of other races as well, and can devote enough psionic energy to stun or severly damage the brains of others to defend themselves. Particularly powerful protoss, known as High Templars, can influence hallucinations and unleash psionic storms, the equivillant of a mini lightning storm with enough energy to knock a cybertronian out cold.

The nezarim have evolved the ability to bend light, and can render themselves invisible. Some can teleport short distances (a few yards, maximum).

Protoss on EarthEdit

Datharil, Jehute, Kandire, Kharoch, Koal, Lutarez, Nethiju, Quinn, Shira'Zarr, Umondis, Verani

Previously on EarthEdit

Artanis, Latarin, Pyllus, Selendis