Name: Pulse
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: Around 35,000~ Years
Place of Birth: Cybertron

Height: 14'2"
Weight: 4.3 tons
Alt Mode: 92' Ford Ranger

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Scout

Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased 

Offspring: Ajahni

"Sideswipe had a brilliant scheme to catch Kerrigan. Needless to say, it worked about as smooth as sandpaper." -Pulse's ironic sarcasm, after being coerced into joining an ill-fated plot of Side's.


Most of Pulse's armor is centered around his chest, protecting the vital energy caisson that allows him to emit EMPs. The rest of his body is lighter in armor, making him relatively weak compared to most Cybertronians, but what he sacrifices in defense he makes up for in greater agility and speed.

His primary color is navy blue with accents of off-white and silver. Traditionally, his optics have been red, but have since turned to an amber hue.

When not in his primary mode, Pulse generally takes the form of a '92 Ford Ranger. This alt mode, complete with a topper, allows him to carry a great number of passengers. However, it also redistributes his armor and leaves him more vulnerable to attacks.

When in combat, Pulse utilizes a series of specialized platings to cover the more delicate features of his face from damage.


His signature weapon is the ability to create a strong pulse of energy that can temporarily render most life forms unconscious, disrupt electricity, and put out fire. When fully charged, he can produce three of these blasts, with each successive pulse being weaker than the last. It takes about an hour for him to fully recharge this energy. As a secondary function of this, Pulse can utilize energy waves in a form of radar, allowing him to 'see' for a great distance all around him.

Both front arms can convert into gattling guns. These weapons are relatively weak and can't easily penetrate thick cybertronian armor. Pulse typically reserves them for quick blasts at his enemies' faces, providing distraction for when he needs to make a quick escape.


At the heart of it, Pulse is an extremely sensitive individual. This sensitivity was severely distorted and his fragile personality warped at the hands of the Decepticons, leading Pulse to become highly defensive and very insecure about himself and his emotions as he grew up. He is quick witted and often has a snarky response to offer those around him, and tends to lay on the sarcasm particularly thick in place of showing fear or expressing sincere joy.

Pulse has always been a follower rather than a leader, and feels most comfortable when he is out of the limelight and under the guidance of someone else. However, his loyalty is difficult to secure, and he wouldn't think twice about jumping ship and serving whoever he believes will make the better leader. The exception to this rule is the unique loyalty and devotion he holds with Sandry. Indeed, Pulse places very little trust in anyone else, and frequently lies, cheats, and manipulates others for his own gains.

He is fairly intelligent and a very quick thinker, but often struggles to think through his plots fully. When dealing with a stressful, frightening, or otherwise unexpected situation, Pulse tends to panic and react on the spur of the moment, rather than sticking to carefully laid out plans. In calmer situations however, this sharp mind is one of his greater assets, and has proven to be beneficial when he is engaging in one of his favorite pass-times on earth - playing games.

History before the VoidEdit

Pulse was taken as an adolescent at the start of the war on Cybertron by the Decepticons, and raised as a scout on their side. His sophisticated tracking abilities, and hit-and-run tactics on the battlefield were impressive enough that he was promoted to a relatively secure rank that served directly along side Megatron. He was often employed in the heart of a battle, where his smaller size and greater agility allowed him to maneuver the field and quickly seek out and terminate distracted foes, or to disable entire swaths of enemies with his EMP, so that the heavier Decepticon fighters would be given an advantage.

Serving Megatron loyally afforded Pulse some protection amongst the notoriously belligerent Decepticon forces, but his smaller size and confidence-lacking personality caused him troubles with many of the other Cons, who frequently used the scout as a scapegoat and a handy punching bag to vent their own frustrations again.

Life in the VoidEdit

Pulse was a part of Starscream's assault team, tracking down what Autobots they could find in an ongoing quest to eliminate their enemies, when he became separated from the group. He eventually came across Bumblebee's signature on Earth in late 2007, and with the hopes of finishing off the other scout and earning points with Starscream, Pulse set his course for the small planet. He spent his first several days exploring the planet and terrorizing the native inhabitants, including Jessica Alba, before eventually crossing paths with Bee in Demesnen. The ensuing fight quickly saw Pulse being clobbered by Bee, and would have ended in his death had not Pulse been saved by Yous and brought to the city's Headquarters for repairs. It was there that he met Zuko, the city's current leader, and learned of their Decepticon-like lust for power at any cost. Pulse immediately pledged his loyalty to the fire-bender, and proved it by capturing enemies and safeguarding the human during attacks.

In November 2007, Pulse came across Megatron and quickly pledged his loyalty to his long-lost master. Betraying Zuko in a heartbeat, Pulse led Megatron directly to the city's headquarters, where he captured Zuko and paved the way for his Decepticon master to assume leadership of Demesnen. When Megatron was purportedly killed in December of the same year, Pulse pledged his allegiance to Blackout.

After suffering a number of injuries that forced him into stasis shock, Pulse was treated by Ratchet in January 2008, after the Autobot medic and Trisana had been captured by Bonecrusher. His life was spared, but the damages that remained were critical and left the scout severely handicapped and unable to transform or use his weapons. Upon waking from his stasis shock, Pulse learned that Barricade had been challenged and dethrowned by Sasuke. Unwilling to serve under another human, and being in desperate need of repairs, Pulse defected to Laissez Faire in a ploy to get himself fully repaired.

Despite his intentions of staying only long enough to be healed, Pulse ended up befriending a human mage during his stay, and subsequently began to warm up to the idea of living in Laissez Faire, where there wasn't the constant threat of being bullied and tormented. Though reluctant to call himself an Autobot, particularly as the rest of the Autobots retained understandable hostility towards him, Pulse committed himself to Laissez Faire after a few weeks and prepared to stick with them for the long run.

Initially, he fared decently well in his new home, going so far as to help patrol the city and assist in various missions, and even taking outings with the group. Unfortunately, the life he led with the Decepticons and his damaged personality eventually caught up to Pulse. His friendship with Sandry became obsessive. What started off as minor annoyances - threatening others and expressing growing jealously - became more serious as the scout sought to protect his friend by any means necessary. He often worked behind the backs of the others in Laissez Faire, conspiring with enemies and manipulating innocent people in order to achieve his goals, and do what he believed was in Sandry's best interest. The situation devolved further when he began to consider Sandry's short lifespan in comparison to his own. Distraught at the prospect of her dying, Pulse's tireless searching for a remedy eventually led him to discovering Chestnut, a supposedly immortal horse. Learning that the unusual gelding had obtained his immortality by drinking from a special well, Pulse managed to secure a meeting with Chestnut's owner in 2009, and subsequently murdered the man and stole the horse. Finding that the horse was indeed immortal, the scout's next step was to locate the water, and use it on Sandry and himself.

Before any of that could happen, Pulse was imprisoned for conspiring with Latarin (whom he accidentally killed in the process) and Ehtidkoush, and served time in the brig as punishment. That didn't stop him from scheming though, and he recruited the help of three hapless children to find the water for him. The water they returned with ended up being a fake, and in testing the fabled liquid, Pulse wounded Legion and accidentally killed his pet, Eyebright. His stay in the brig was extended after this.

Night Lights 2 by PiccoloSan33
In late 2010, Pulse chased down and killed a young teenager, fearing that the boy had come to rat him out for destroying a section of Meinville while under Starscream's captivity earlier in the year. Finding out afterward that the kid was only bringing a present to Warp, Pulse panicked further when he realized Umondis had witnessed the attack. In an attempt to cover his tracks, he ran her down next, along with her son, before returning to Laissez Faire. The gravely wounded templar and her young son were found and brought back to the Medical Facility, where Umondis was saved from the brink of death. This assault led to the decision to execute Pulse, the second such decree since he'd been with Laissez Faire.

On the day of his scheduled execution, Pulse became inexplicably ill, and Ratchet's already uneasiness about ending another's life led to Pulse being spared for a few more days, or until the source of his illness could be unconvered. 'A few days' turned into weeks, and then months, until a sudden assault by Kerrigan in 2011 led to the capture of Pulse and a number of other inhabitants. After a week of being held hostage, it was Pulse who managed to break free of his confinement, and in a surprising turn of events that defied his usual tactics and cowardly nature, he killed Kerrigan and freed the rest of the captives.

After returning to Laissez Faire, and much to Ironhide's fury, Ratchet postponed Pulse's execution as he worked on treating the scout for the virus they now knew he had. His sentence was fully lifted following Ratchet's abduction by Starscream in late 2011, thus ending his year-long confinement and giving the scout plenty of time to think about his future.

He is currently serving community service for an indetermined period of time, and has had all of his weapons deactivated. While not preforming community service, Pulse is either kept in the brig, or monitored closely by another cybertronian.


Being an unstable, untrusting, and easily paranoid individual, Pulse generally resents most people, and looks down on anyone who is weaker than him. Despite this, he has formed a strong friendship with Sandry, though it borderlines on obsessive and is often strained by his acts of jealousy and continued friction with just about everyone else around him.

He has a strong trust for Ratchet, who is the only Autobot that he has any respect for (though he would never openly admit it). Ironhide and Sunstreaker, on the other hand, are two of his most hated adversaries, though he is most afraid of Starscream, due to the seeker taking particular delight in belittling and tormenting the scout while he served under Megatron. In his earlier days with the Decepticons, a seeker by the name of Rail was one of the few he found to be tolerable, and was one of the only Cons whose company he enjoyed.

After finding that the Allspark had created a sparkling, later named Ajahni, using his DNA, Pulse adamantly refused to acknowledge the youngster as his son. He has shown the vaguest signs of interest in Jani's wellbeing on a few occasions, but his otherwise complete lack of care for the youngster has led Ajahni to being raised entirely by Daja.

Random InformationEdit

  • Favorite TV Show - COPS
  • He finds cats amusing, and has a secret liking for them.