Name: Quinn
Gender: Male
Race: Protoss (hybridized)
Birthdate: December 3rd, 2008
Place of Birth: Laissez Faire, Earth

Mother: Umondis
Father: Koal

Adult Height: 7.11'
Weight: 309 lbs

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Child


Quinn looks like the average protoss in almost all regards, from the two-toed feet of his parents, to the small nerve cords that are starting to button out from the base of his head. The only thing that marks the child as different are two peculiar brown growths found on his otherwise pale lavender hued skin. One stretches across the front of his forehead, and the other across the left side of his chest.

Aside from these marks, the rest of the child's body is freckled in tiny scales, most of which will grow as he ages and darken into a deeper lavender-purple color. His eyes are a luminescent white-yellow.

Mini Gang by PiccoloSan33

Little Friend, Quinn, and Cruuvhi inspecting Deku.

History in the VoidEdit

Quinn was conceived some time in late July, 2008, the son of Umondis and Koal. During Umondis' pregancy, she was bitten by a number of parasites belonging to Ehtidkoush, and was subsequently infected by the zerg virus. While protoss are generally thought to be immune to the virus and more resistent to the heavy load of bacteria and other harmful pathogens posed by the zerg, this was the first known incident in which a pregnant mother was attacked. While Umondis showed no symptoms from the bite, Quinn, who was in the early states of gestation, became infected.

It wasn't until several weeks later that Umondis fell ill as her body attempted to reject the zerg-infested fetus. As Umondis' primary doctor, Briar did what he could to salvage the pregnancy, consulting first with Selendis to understand what routes could be taken. Unfortunately, it wasn't yet known what was causing troubles with the pregnancy, and the Executor had little information or hope to offer Briar or the distraught parents.

A few short weeks later, Ratchet reported an unusual spurt of growth and development in Quinn, and it was around this time that the zerg virus was finally pinpointed as the culprit in the troubled prenancy. As Ratchet worked to create an anti-virus however, Umondis and Quinn had reached a critical point of stress, and fearing that both the mother and unborn son would perish, Ratchet was forced to deliver the baby prematurely at five months.

Despite the incredible odds, Quinn not only survived, but recovered entirely from the early delivery, and showed virtually no health impairments that would be expected for an infant born so prematurely. The virus which nearly killed him and his mother had integrated enough into his own DNA to offer the young protoss the same sort of regeneration and healing benefits that it did the zerg, thus saving his life in the end.

These same healing benefits proved useful when, a year later, Quinn's arm was broken after he and Umondis were struck by Pulse. The damaged limb was entirely healed within two weeks of the incident.

Today, the youngster spends much of his time with his parents, and participates in daycare classes at the Laissez Faire's Headquarters.