Name: Rail

Age: 45,000~ Years

Gender: Male

Race: Cybertronian

Alt Mode: AGT Javelin

Status: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown


Rail stands at 20.11 feet, and carries an upright, bi-pedal form with relatively streamlined armor. Most of his plating is mottled charcoal-black, with a few steel-blue highlights and markings on his face and limbs.


He is among the seeker class of cybertronians. Two powerful engines, located on his back and partially concealed behind downward angled wings, allow Rail the power of flight, though he must be in his alternate mode to gain full advantage of this ability and reach his maximum speed and manuverability. Upon arriving on Earth, Rail has taken on the AGT Javelin as his alternate mode, which he can transform into at will, either while on the ground, or preformed mid air during flight.

Rail's most prominent ability is the railgun he can form from his right arm. This weapon gives him the ability to attack targets from a long distance with high accuracy, making Rail particularly adept at sniping. The incredible force behind the weapon and the splintering mechanics that the projectiles have when connecting with their target makes Rail's weapon particularly devastating, and able to pierce even the toughest of armor to wreak havok on the internal components of his enemies.

Before the VoidEdit

Rail sided with the Decepticons at the start of the cybertronian civil war. He spent time working under the command of Starscream, mainly acting as a skirmish fighter and helping in patrols for decepticon bases. Though he preformed well in his tasks, Rail was eventually demoted from the seeker ranks and sent off to help locate and secure sources of energon to supply the decepticon forces.

Life in the VoidEdit

In mid 2011, Rail was traveling with the previously unaligned Top Flare when the pair found their way to Earth. He immediately rendezvoused with Starscream after getting in contact with the seeker, and settled in Demesnen to assist his leader.

Not long after arriving on Earth, Rail was tasked by Starscream to join Top Flare in an ambush against Laissez Faire, wherein he provided coverfire for the Decepticon medic as they attempted to abduct Ratchet. In the resulting attack, Warp managed to overwhelm Top Flare, forcing Rail to abandon the mech and follow Starscream's commands to retreat. Before leaving, Rail took up two nearby humans, intending on keeping them as pets for his own amusement.

Rail's unfamiliarity with humans and their relative frailness led to the accidental death of one of his pets. Daja, the other human captured, managed to avoid any major trauma in the abuction, and quickly became a source of fascination for the seeker. To Rail's great disappointment however, Daja was rescued several hours later when Laissez Faire rallied to counter attack Demesnen and bring their friends back home.


Rail is loyal and devoted to the Decepticon cause, and thus follows Starscream without question, even if he would prefer to be under Megatron's rule. Having served most of his time on remote outposts, Rail is unfamiliar with most other Decepticons and Autobots on Earth.

For the brief time that he was in possession of Daja, Rail found the mage to be fascinating, and developed a keen interest in her welbeing. His view on other humans, and indeed other lifeforms, is not as lowly as most others in his faction.

During the years that Rail worked under Starscream's command, he developed a friendship with Pulse and a number of other Decepticons in their unit, being relatively uninterested in the usual bickering and power struggles that were a part of every day life in their faction.