Name: Ratchet

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Cybertronian

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Chief Medical Officer

"Do you require assistance?" Mostly a rhetorical question, coming from Ratchet.


Ratchet stands roughly 21 feet tall and weighs 6.5 tons. A good portion of his weight comes from a number of redundant systems and spare parts that he carries, pieces that he can sacrifice from his own being to aid in repairing other Cybertronians.

Most of his plating is bright chartreuse, with some accents of red, black, and silver.

Being a medic, Ratchet has a great number of tools that he can form from his fingers, hands, and arms. Of these, his rotary saw is one of his more recognizable instruments that can double as a weapon when needed. Among the very few formations that aren't medical in nature, Ratchet can morph his forearm into a shotgun-like weapon, and transform his right hand into a short-ranged plasma gun.


Half of Ratchet's abilites are devoted to monitoring the immediate vicinity around him, with sensors that are highly sensitive to chemicals, and can detect and anaylse them them quicker and more efficiently than any known human technology. This, coupled with detailed x-ray vision and extensive knowledge of all things medically related, allows Ratchet to monitor nearby organic lifeforms and pick up virtually any injury, illness, or defect they might have.

Ratchet has an innate sense for other Cybertronian lifeforms, allowing him to pick up on their presence at a considerable distance, though without any sort of detail. This ability gives him an idea of whether another of his kind is on the same planet as him, though he cannot tell how many may be there, where they are, or who they are. Only when he is within a mile of another individual can he hone in on their location and discern more about them. Similiar to this, Ratchet's monitors can pick up on the 'signatures' of most organic lifeforms, creating a mental 3D map of all living creatures within several hundred yards of his location, though the details of individuals grows more obscure the further they are from him.

History Before the VoidEdit

In his earlier days, Ratchet served as a politician and a medic. He was better known in the latter field, having a critical attention to detail and genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of all his patients that made up for his lacking bedside manners. The fact that he turned down no patient, whether they had the ability to pay for treatment or not, further earned him high esteem in his profession.

Ratchet became good friends with Optimus Prime, first meeting the mech during a political debate regarding Cybertron's expanding resource outposts. Ratchet's ability to maintain a level head and stick firmly to his morals, which Optimus shared full-heartedly, led the future leader of the Autobots to rely on him during particularly heated debates, especially in the years leading up to the civil war.

Between dedicating long hours at his clinic and aiding Optimus in debates, Ratchet found time to socialize, occasionally joining Wheeljack, Ironhide, and a number of other friends at local hubs. Despite having some difficulties in the social scene, he met a femme by the name of Seaspring, who was able to tap into a more personal side of the usually stoic, logically-driven medic. In the following years, the two became inseparable sparkmates, and talks of starting a family arose from time to time. Ratchet reluctantly resisted however, fearing that the growing turmoil and the start of civil unrest on Cybertron wouldn't provide their child with a proper environment to grow up in. His hesitancy in this issue fledged into a firm refusal to start a family when violence started up on their planet, particularly as he spent more and more time aiding the wounded and working tirelessly to resolve conflicts with diplomacy.

Ratchet's world was shattered when Seaspring was caught in the middle of a firefight between the Autobots and Decepticons, and died before he could tend to her wounds. After spending an hour vainly attempting to bring his mate back to life, Ratchet and the rest of the Autobots were ordered off the battlefield by Optimus as the fighting grew more intense around them.

The incident left a permanent mark on the medic's personality, driving him to be more hyper-vigilant about safeguarding the lives of innocents around him, while leaving him far more reserved in his emotions. In the thousands of years that have passed since that event, Ratchet traveled with Optimus and a number of other mechs as they continued to fight against the Decepticons and seek out the lost Allspark. Inevitably, he and Ironhide found their way to Earth, rendezvousing with Bumblebee, who had landed there months earlier.

History in Laissez FaireEdit

Ratchet and Ironhide arrived on Earth in late 2007 after picking up signals sent out by Bumblebee. The pair were almost immediately caught up in a series of skirmishes between Laissez Faire and Demesnen, and were alarmed to note that a number of Decepticons had already made it to the planet before them. With Bee already an active member of Laissez Faire, and the planet in dire need of help to stop the Decepticons from ruining this planet as they had their own, Ratchet was determined to stick around long enough to liberate the humans and restore peace. What was to be a temporary stay of a few months or so turned into something more permanent as time went on.

Ratchet made his home in the Medical Facility of Laissez Faire, where the daily bustle of hundreds of citizens, employees of the building, and endless patients kept him constantly busy and on his toes. The need to protect and watch over the countless lives around him spoke to the medic on a deep level, and became more involving as attacks from Demesnen and Meinville increased against their growing city over the years. Along with Dedicate Rosethorn, Ratchet's authority in the Medical Facility quickly took precedent over all others, easily trumping the orders of other doctors and surgeons who had been there much longer than them.

A young mage with a blunt tongue and no-nonsense kind of attitude was among the few brave enough to stand up to Ratchet when his constant work got a little overbearing, or when it began to impede his own health. Because of a combination of her young age and her personality, Trisana endeared herself to the old medic, and became the only person able to reason with him without having to raise her voice or use force. She also became an important figure when it came to raising Teshi, a daughter of Ratchet's, who was born early in 2008 via the Allspark.

With Tris to keep him balanced, Ratchet continues to work dutifully in the Medical Facility, often taking alternating shifts with Rosethorn and Briar so that at least one of them is always on hand to deal with any emergencies that arise. He frequently goes out on call with EMT crews, where his tools, strength, and sophisticated sensory systems allow him to reach victims more quickly than his human counterparts.


Ratchet remains close friends with Ironhide, though the two are far more likely to be found yelling at one another than anything else, mainly because of their dissimilar views on many topics, and their stubborn natures in general. He is also good friends with Wheeljack, often relying on the engineer to help with various projects, particularly when it comes to repairing machinery. Similarly, Bumblebee is another mech that has a close bond with Ratchet, though on a more personal note, since he was among the few that helped to raise the bot during the war. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, although viewed as trusted friends (moreso the former than the latter), are not so high on Ratchet's list, due to their penchant for antagonizing him for kicks.

Teshi has been raised from the start by Ratchet, with much help from Trisana, after being rescued from Meinville. When it was discovered that she was his daughter, his initial reaction was of surprise and a sudden uncertainty over how to care for her, though he quickly overcame that - to some extent. Of all the sparklings, Teshi remains the only one to get away with mischief without incurring any chastisement from Ratchet, who dotes after her to the best of his abilities.

Of all those who he has met on Earth, Trisana Chandler has had the most profound impact on Ratchet. He has taken to her like a second daughter, drawn in part by a personality that's oftentimes as straight forward and to the point as his, and by the fact that he is able to communicate with her on an emotional level that he had previously been reserved with. Knowing that she has come from an unhappy, abusive past has furthered his bond with her and his desire to see her raised in a healthy, happy environment, even though this sometimes leads Ratchet to being slightly overzealous about her safety.

Additional InformationEdit

Ratchet suffers from two genetic anomalies; a rare spark valve deformity, and Palimal Syndrome. As a result of the latter, Ratchet is particularly senstive to electricity, and a good jolt can lead him to being uncharacteristically chatty and delusional.