When the Void opened in 2007, chaos and panic led to the shattering of most large nations.  Cities big and small were left to their own governing, and lawlessness became rife.  Roellen was not the first of these settlements to spring up, but it soon became one of the most well known for its proximity to Demesnen and Laissez Faire, and for its general lack of strong leadershup.  Above all else though, Roellen is known for its neutrality and inclusion of any and all refugees seeking to live within its sprawling perimeters.

There are no official laws in this city, but any citizen or group that causes any great amount of disturbance may find themselves ousted by the general population. 

Current Leader: None

Population: 14,903 (Citizen Registry)

Demographics: 58% Human, 42% Alien/Other


Being a neutral city, Roellen has no alliances, and can not be relied upon for assistance.  However, due to the melting pot of races, factions, and groups that this settlement boasts, Rollen is a go-to place hire mercenaries. 

Living in RoellenEdit

Because there is no effective government in Roellen as of yet, there are no official laws to abide by, and public services are poorly funded and often times unreliable.  Serious crimes are often handled with vigilantism rather than the city's police force, which goes to some extent to discourage would-be criminals, and thus keeps the crime rate in moderate levels.

Due to the city's meager funding and lack of coordination, Roellen is not well equipped to deal with disasters, and its citizens are vulnerable to attacks by Meinville and Demesnen.