Name: Sandrilene fa Toren (Sandry)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human/Mage
Place of Birth: Emelan

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 116 lbs
Status: Diplomatic Envoy
Occupation: Diplomat and Seamstress


Sandry has light brown hair prone to sun-streaks, bright corn-flower blue eyes and an unusually small button nose. She is a slim, fine-boned girl with a stubborn chin that has a habit of raising into a high-and-mighty, royal position on the rare occasions when she pits her will against others. Sandry only very seldomly wears breeches, instead wearing a variety of dresses as is seemly for a young lady of her standing - all of her own make. While wearing simple clothes in her everyday life, she wears dresses more fit to her rank as a noble in the presence of her great-uncle, because she knows that he likes to see her dressed suitably for her position.


Since childhood, Sandry has always wanted to learn how to spin and weave, but because of her social status, both crafts are considered unseemly. Instead, Sandry spent many hours at the more lady-like task of embroidering, to the point where she was scolded for doing it too much and toughening the skin of her hands, which should be soft and supple on a proper lady. During the Smallpox Epidemic in Hatar that killed her parents, she was locked in a small room to keep her safe from rioters. When she ran out of light, she reached for her threadbag in desperation to find something that might produce light - and in turn discovered that she is capable of braiding light into silk threads. She was found and rescued by Niklaren Goldeye, a powerful mage, and taken to Discipline cottage of Winding Circle. There, Sandry is taught by Lark how to weave and spin properly in the common way, but also learns how to apply her magic to thread. Her powers include calling loose threads to order or smoothing wrinkles out of clothes. She can also imbue cloth with magical protections and weave cloth which won't get dirty or wrinkled. According to Dedicate Lark, her teacher, Sandry is the only mage known to have spun pure magic. In spinning her and her friends' magic, Sandry makes them all much more powerful, allowing them to speak mind to mind and to each have a little of the others' magic. For one, after their magic is spun together, all can see magic to a certain extent - a gift which was hitherto Tris' alone.

Known LanguagesEdit

Common, Imperial, Tradertalk, Sotatan, French, Spanish, and Patois (the native tongue of Jamaican Islanders), due to extensive language lessons as befits her station. Also telepathic.

Early LifeEdit

Sandrilene fa Toren was born in 1025 K.F. and is the only daughter of Cleham Mattin fer Toren and Clehame Amiliane fa Landreg, who had been exiled into a remote corner of the country due to the Empress' fear that the Clehame would make a claim for the crown. An uncommon sort among a caste of nobles who look down upon common folk, Sandry adopts the unconventional beliefs of her parents and accepts everyone, regardless of standing or nationality. One reason for this is the fact that the nobles Sandry and her parents visited didn't want their children to be influenced by the fa Torens - in fear that such association would bring the suspicious eye of the Empress upon them - and kept them away from Sandry, leaving the girl no choice but to make friends with other children, including commoners and Traders. When they visited Zakdin in Hatar in the fall of 1034 K.F. a smallpox epidemic struck, and Sandry's parents died of it. She herself was saved by her nursemaid, Pirisi, who was killed by the mob shortly after hiding Sandry magically in cellar. This left the girl alone in a dark chamber with nobody knowing where she was. This was the time and place where Sandry first used her magic as she braided light into threads so that she wouldn't have to be in the dark. She spent days there until Niklaren Goldeye found her and brought her to the Winding Circle temple in Summersea, Emelan. It took Sandry four months to recuperate from her ordeal and to get to Summersea, and she still has a lasting, profound fear of the dark.