Kerrigan and her lurker Roush.

Name: Sarah Louise Kerrigan

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Zerg Hybrid

Status: Deceased (assumed)

Occupation: Leader of the Swarm


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180px-SarahKerrigan SC2 Rend1

Kerrigan before infestation.


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History before the VoidEdit

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History in the VoidEdit

Having fled from Char, Kerrigan arrived on an Earth that was very different from the one she had heard about so much as a child. The Queen of Blades first took to wandering through the outskirts of Demesnen in late 2007, quietly gauging its citizens and learning about the dynamics of the unusual city... and most of all, scoping what kind of unique people and creatures made up the general population there. It didn't take her long to figure out that the city was a breeding ground for the corrupt, with no effective laws in place, other than what the current ruler decided to enforce that day.

After spending some time getting familiar with the place and learning of the other major cities in the general area, Kerrigan decided to continue keeping a low profile, while generally playing 'nice' with any forces in the city that she thought could later serve her. In the months that followed, she also partnered up with Meinville, and in particular, got to know Todd Raimond, a scientist with a staunch hatred for all mutants, aliens, and other foreigners to Earth. She easily played Todd, getting him to believe that she was an unfortunate victim of the zerg who wanted nothing more than to find a cure for herself and erradicate the aliens from the planet. Using her manipulative skills, she utilized his authority in Meinville to secure herself a high position working in their Laboratory.

In mid 2008, Kerrigan had rallied enough support from her followers in Meinville to lay seige on the town of Roellen. Roellen's citizens, along with the remnants of Latarin's crippled fleet, were rounded up and barricaded within the city limits as a new virus devised by Kerrigan was unleashed upon them. The ending result was the complete annihilation of the city's population, minus one survivor who was eventually rescued by Laissez Faire's forces.

With Demesnen to fall back on as a safe haven where no one would question her morals, and Meinville her own personal trial and error facility for exploting new genetics to serve her colony, Kerrigan spent the next four and a half years quietly - and no so quietly - terrorizing Laissez Faire and any unfortunate alien or mutant she came across. Among her many victims, Rosethorn became the focus of her twisted schemes and attacks, wherein she took a personal grudge against the healer, and sought to slowly break her down psychologically with a multitude of attacks on Rose's friends.

In early 2011, Kerrigan sent Seharnth, a new breed of zerg, to infiltrate Laissez Faire. With the support of sundrop-altered protoss, the small team managed to first capture Keedle, and then Elliot, without raising much suspicion. Upon trying to capture Datharil however, the zerg was discovered and eventually killed by Ironhide. Shortly afterwards, Laissez Faire was attacked by Starscream and the protoss again, wherein Rosethorn, Sherok, Aiko, Pulse, and Ajanhi were captured. The group was taken to Meinville to be held in their Laboratory, while their friends wrongly assumed that they were being kept in Demesnen and proceeded to attack the wrong city.

In the following days, Kerrigan worked on her goal of infesting Cybertronians with the zerg virus, using Pulse as her test subject. The plan initially worked, but Kerrigan underestimated the profound effect that a second virus would have on her victim, and Pulse eventually broke free of his confinement. In a swift, methodical attack, he took out power to most of the facility and proceeded to chase Kerrigan through the compound until finally catching and squeezing the woman to death before she could escape.

Despite her death, Jekegii has cautioned that Kerrigan may be able to reincarnate herself due to her connection with the zerg. In addition to this, a vision shared by Ehtidkoush revealed Kerrigan's army of zerg potentially numbered in the billions, leaving him to fear what would happen if so many zerg were suddenly left without a leader to keep them reigned back.


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