An infected bear.

Fungus Name: Felwood Scourge Blight

Known Hosts: Mammals

Threat: Unknown

Origin: Azeroth

Description & TransmissionEdit

Little is known about the mechanics and transmission of this fungus. If you have any information on the Felwood Scourge Blight, please contact the IDR.


Infected animals display mood changes, become highly irritable, exhibit heightened aggressive behaviors, and generally show less interest in socializing and feeding.

Small patches of discolored, yelllow to white skin forms at various points along the body, particularly around the face and muzzle. Necrosis sets in around wounds, preventing new injuries from healing quickly (and often preventing any healing with new tissue).

As the blight spreads, it infects all systems and organs and can keep a host alive for months as it slowly consumes tissue and rots it victim inside and out.


There is no current known cure for this blight. Standard treatment is humane euthanization of infected animals.

A combination of herbal and druidic teatments have proven somewhat successful in stalling the spread of the blight in one patient, but these efforts have so far proven ineffective at reversing damage or eradicating the blight.

Known CasesEdit

2009 - Current - An Azerothian wolf named Zahikeh, owned by Janah Thornweaver, arrived in Laissez Faire already infected with the blight in late 2009. He is currently the only known animal on Earth with the infection. Efforts to cure the illness have proved ineffective, but success has been made in halting the progression of the disease, and in preventing it's spread to other creatures.