Name: Sideswipe
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: 104,355 years

Mother: ??
Father: ??

Height: 19 ft
Weight: 4.7 tons

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Warrior
Alt Mode: Lamborghini Aventador

Twin: Sunstreaker


Sideswipe looks much like his brother in build, being fairly humanoid in design, with a broader shoulder and chest area and long legs. His primary color is red, with strong highlights of black and gold and a few traces of white throughout. His face is primarily gray and black, while his hands and feet are black as well. Perhaps the most telling difference between himself and Sunstreaker, other than their coloration, is in the face - Sides' is a little broader, with a helmet like design that Sunny does not have.


As a warrior, Sideswipe has four primary weapons he can form; two photon basters, one morphed from either forearm, and two rocket launchers nested within his shoulders. The former are short ranged guns that inflict a high amount of heat and concussive damage to a small area, either severely warping, melting, or deteriorating any metal armor the blasts come into contact with. Sideswipe also boasts three golden blades on either fist that can be used during melee fights.

As will all cybertronians, he can transform his body at will to take on an alternate mode. Upon arriving on Earth, Sideswipe and his brother have both taken to the Lamborghini.


Spontaneous and endlessly energetic, Sideswipe and his penchant for entertaining himself at the expense of others often leads him into conflict with those around him. He is a notorious prankster with a lack of responsibility and, seemingly, common sense, and has a habit of rambling once he starts talking.

'Goofy' and 'annoying' are two of the many words used to describe the rambunctious mech, and most often overshadow the keen intelligence behind his quirky attitude. The truth is that very few know of his quieter, calmer side, a fact likely attributed to his over-the-top antics and loud personality that tend to make his presence unwelcome by all by the most tolerant of individuals.

When it comes to fighting, a darker image of Sideswipe emerges. He is a fierce competitor who will stop at nothing to win, including overlooking rules; and when it comes to the battlefield, Sideswipe does not hesitate to play dirty. Even then, there is usually a smirk to be seen on his face, regardless of how serious or intent the fighting is. The only thing that seems to elicit actual rage in Sides is when his brother is in danger.

History Before the VoidEdit

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Life in Laissez FaireEdit

Sideswipe was traveling with his brother and Wheeljack after splintering from Optimus Prime's team during a recon mission. Unable to rendezvous with their leader or link up with their scattered group, the trio traveled to an isolated moon outside of their solar system, in a bid to shake a group of decepticons that were trailing them. Low on energon and running out of options to evade their pursuers, Jack took a gamble and installed a crude, signature-blocking prototype of his in the twins. Though buggy, the invention worked to sheild the pair from their enemy's sensors, but a disagreement between Sunny and Jack shortly thereafter led to a fight, and subsequently the breakup of the small group. Sunny and Sides left the inventor behind in order to engage the decepticons with their newfound 'stealth' modification, but became lost and ultimately were unable to reunite with Wheeljack or locate the Cons that had been on their trail.

Early in March of 2008, the pair picked up on Ratchet's homing beacon on earth, and set their course for the organic planet. During their descent through the atmosphere, the twins became separated and landed several miles away from each other. Sideswipe ended up crashing into a shallow lake, and became so bogged down in mud that his energon-deprived systems went into stassis, while the cloaking device prevented Sunstreaker from honing in on his location immediately. He was eventually recovered some hours later and brought to the Medical Facility by his brother.

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(Bad) Habits and QuirksEdit

  • Eating organic food, despite being unable to enjoy the taste of it. This has led to emergency surgery on at least one occassion.
  • Releasing anything that's in a cage, including once unleashing the entire population at a local humane shelter (which subsequently has led to him being banned from the shelter, among other places), and once releasing a colony of zerg being held at Laissez Faire.