Name: Starscream

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Cybertronian

Status: High Commander

Decepticon Commander;
Overlord of Demesnen

"Do not compare bugs to gods, meatbag." - Starscream, clarifying the difference between humans and cybertronians to Sandry.


Starscream stands at 33 feet when fully upright. Due to his top-heavy frame and bird-like legs, he tends to carry himself in a slight stoop, making him appear slightly shorter than he truly is. Along with his legs, his arms and fingers are fairly long relative to his size.

His color is primarily silver-gray with a blend of bronze and darker grays. Starscream also has a number of black tatoos etched over his plating, giving his appearance more contrast.


Like all members of his race, Starscream can manipulate his body to take on new forms to suit his transportational needs. Gifted with the ability to fly, his prefered alternate mode since arriving on Earth is the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.

Starscream's thirty-three foot frame does not hinder his agility in the least bit, and when it comes to flying, few can match his speed or acrobatic prowess in the skies. Aiding him in the air are his array of ranged weaponry, most of which form from his arms, or from his underbelly while in jet mode. Among his arsenal are two high-powered rocket launches and a vulcan cannon capable of rapid burst of armor-shattering bullets.

He may or may not be in posession of a nullray.

History Before the VoidEdit

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History in the VoidEdit

After intercepting a becon sent out by Ratchet, one intended to rally any cybertronian refugees and fellow Autobots to Earth, Starscream changed his course for the richly inhabited planet. Instead of immediately seizing the opportunity to root out what other Autobots might be on the planet, he instead orbited Earth for a number of weeks, gleening information from satellites and observing what he could, all while keeping enough of a distance to avoid detection.

During these first few weeks, Starscream chanced upon another cybertronian who had run across Ratchet's message. Easily ambushing and capturing Beachcomber before he could enter Earth's atmosphere, Starscream interrogated his captive and found him to be in possesion of a unique, if rather crude, signature cloaking device created by Wheeljack. Starscream quickly hatched a ploy to use Beach and the new found device to unleash a surprise attack on the Autobots, and after installing the device on himself and thrashing the small mech, he piloted the disoriented and battered Beachcomber to a crash course within the city limits of Laissez Faire.

The ploy initially worked, first attracting Bumblebee's attention when he detected Beach's faint signature while on an outing with Sherok and Sarah. Unfortunately for Starscream's plan, Bumblebee became suspicious when he noted Beachcomber's fresh injuries, along with a scrambled signature within the immediate vicinity. Fearing for the safety of his young passengers, the scout decided to call for backup and keep his distance from Beach's crash site. In the time it took Starscream to dive in and launch his aerial assault, Bumblebee was able to escape with minimal damages, and retreat under the coverfire of Ironhide, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe as they arrived on the scene. Starscream briefly fought against the trio, wherein he nearly offlined Sideswipe before retreating to avoid any serious damage himself. The seeker linked up with a few remaining Decepticons that had already arived on Earth, and found refuge in the city of Demesnen. Once there, he quickly took up leadership of the Decepticons, only backing off on the occasion that Megatron returned to the city. His aspirations to take over Demesnen were complicated by the presence of Kerrigan however, who proved to be just unpredictable enough that the seeker was wary of outright challenging her. For a time, the two worked tenuously together, with neither missing an opportunity to test the other for weaknesses.

Their semi-cooperation led to a number of assaults on Laissez Faire, where they had a mutal goal of destroying their enemies in the ever growing city. Once such assault in 2010 led to the death of Beachcomber, after Starscream tore the small mech's spark out during a surprise raid on their headquarters.

Later, in 2011, Kerrigan was killed during a failed experiment in Meinville. Starscream immediately seized the opportunity to take control of Demesnen and declared himself their new ruler. With few loyal servants on his side and most of his Decepticon forces MIA, the seeker was forced to keep quiet as he built up his city's defenses and asserted his authority on the general population. His waiting paid off a few months later when he recieved word from Rail and a previously unaligned cybertronian named Top Flare who were approaching Earth's atmosphere.

In late 2011, Starscream devised and launched a partially successful attack against Laissez Faire, with the goal of taking the Allspark and a number of cybertronian machines that were in their possesion. Though he ultimately was unable to accquire the Allspark, Starscream did obtain a vital energon converter prototype from the Autobots, and came out of the ordeal without losing anything on his side.


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