Name: Sueko
Gender: Female/Male/Other
Age: Very old, but very young 
Race: Imaginary friend

Height: Debated 
Weight: Debated

Status: Companion to Aiko 
Occupation: N/A



Briar's artistic conception of Sueko, as described by those who can 'see' her

Few people can 'see' Sueko, undoubtedly due to the fact that she is the imaginary friend of Aiko. Created out of the imagination of a lonely Japanese child, Sueko became what the child needed her to be - a small, lithe kitten, possessed of a slinky black frame, silver tipped ears, and warm green eyes with tiny golden flecks. This description, along with the help of the few who have proven able to see Sueko, has led Briar to render a drawing of her, for Aiko's sake. It should be noted that the artist in question cannot see Sueko, and thus the drawing may or may not be entirely accurate.


Because Sueko is in fact, imaginary - and indeed, it is frequently questioned whether she is a real creature or an invention of Aiko's deluded mind - the information on her proposed 'abilities' is scarce and hard to come by. A composite list has been compiled by a few notable persons who are otherwise believed to be entirely sane - namely Lutarez, Trisana, and Datharil. Their accounts run thus:

  • That Sueko was and is the original 'imaginary kitten', and has served as the companion of any child who ever wished for a cat, and could not have one. That there were many children, often at one time, that wished for a kitten does not seem to have effected her ability to aid them all.
  • Sueko was created into reality through some unknown feature of Aiko's power due to the girl's intense need for a friend, and is now, in effect, a living kitten.
  • He/ She/ It is not, in fact, actually a cat, or indeed necessarily female. He/ She/ It presents herself as a female cat because that is the form that her charges understand. For the purposes of this chronicle, the creature is referred to as a cat, and as a female.
  • Sueko cannot be seen by everyone, or indeed by most people, though it has been noted by all three persons assisting this research that non-sentient animals have consistently proven able to see 'her', as are any persons who are intelligent or dim enough to accept her presence on faith alone. In this case, the informants contend, one must believe in order to be able to see.
  • She is the guardian of all of the secret, inner thoughts of the people she attaches herself to - the hidden memories, the deepest fears, the greatest joys. Even those things of one's past that they do not remember - as is the case with Aiko - she recalls clearly, whether or not she was present in their lives at the time. However, she frequently chooses not to share her knowledge, and as few people recognize her existence with any real belief, this has not become a problem for her as of yet.
  • It is supposed that she has any number of other powers, but what they are and how powerful is completely unknown.

Hisory Before the VoidEdit

Since very little concrete evidence can be given to prove Sueko's existence, it makes the point of her prior history nearly moot. For that matter, even those who claim to see her can offer no suggestions or suppositions as to what her existence prior to entering the Void may entail. The only thing that seems universally agreed on is that Aiko was not her first charge, and that she and Aiko are unique among the other citizens of Laissez Faire in that they seem to have always been in the Void, rather than having arrived in it. This may be due to the girl's faulty memory, or the cat's coy way of refusing to reveal much - it is difficult to tell. At any rate, it is impossible to determine if and when they 'arrived'.

Life in the VoidEdit

The first claim of any 'kitten' by anyone other than Aiko comes from Datharil, who claims to have heard the meows of a kitten when he was visiting the girl, when there was no kitten nearby. The girl's calm insistence that her pet was quite real met at first with patient tolerance of what he perceived to be the lonely girl's fantasy, but which over time quickly revealed itself to be more than simple imagination, as other creatures, including Lutarez and Trisana, began to testify that they too believed that the kitten was real. Where Datharil was generally considered a semi-flighty, imaginative personality, the general consensus weighed more heavily in the favor of the sanity of Lutarez particularly, who has consistently proven his sensibility, since his recovery from his sundrop addiction. The reality of Sueko's existence is still highly debated, but fewer openly question the matter now, at least where Aiko can hear them.

With her presence now at least accepted by most of Laissez Faire's residents, who at least do not dare declare to Aiko that her pet is not real - even if this is mostly due to everyone's wariness of Lutarez - Sueko has settled into life in the facility well, serving as a constant companion to the oriental girl and a cuddly friend and advisor for Lutarez, who is often prone to bouts of melancholy and self-doubt. In her time with the oddball pair, Sueko has seen them through the fluctuation of the Void's power - an event which nearly killed Lutarez by draining his ability to absorb the nourishment he received from the Void's energy - and multiple attacks on Aiko by various parties that desired to use her empathic powers for their own ends. In fact, Sueko herself was 'killed' - or as others have explained, sent back to the imaginary realm - during one particularly-volatile encounter with Haplo, who had captured the oriental girl in a bid to use her influences to help him control other captives and make it simpler for him to gain control in Meinville. His attempt on this front ultimately failed when Sueko sacrificed her unusual, ill-understood energy to help bring the patryn down, resulting in a crippling wound that allowed Haplo to be defeated, but also costing the kitten her very existence.

It wasn't until a few months later, after having been devastated by Sueko's loss, that Aiko managed to re-create her long-time companion, an act that nearly cost Aiko her own life in the process, but which eventually restored Sueko to the real world. Upon her return, Sueko has gone straight back to her usual activities, looking after Aiko and Lutarez.


Sueko's closest and dearest friend is, of course, her charge Aiko. Sueko serves as the girl's cuddly confidence-booster and protector, as well as being her liason to any telepathic creature that fears or does not understand her. This is often difficult, as very few people actually believe that she exists, but if rumors are to be believed Sueko is capable of defending her chosen charge.

Lutarez is another person whom Sueko has become very close to, mostly through their mutual connection to Aiko. She is often prone to carrying on long, deeply involved conversations with him, most of which revolve around his tendency to judge himself harshly and refuse any help for himself. Sueko has proven capable of calling out those weaknesses and negative qualities in him - or in others - and dealing with them to help improve quality of life.