Name: Sundrop

Origins: Artificial substance. Possibly manufactured by Protoss.

Classification: Schedule 1

Restrictions: Banned in Laissez Faire & Meinville. Unregulated elsewhere.


Lending to its name, this drug is golden in color, has a sweet scent and pleasant taste, and comes in the form of a cream or thick liquid. There is however another variant of sundrop which lacks any scent or taste, though it is otherwise identical to the original sundrop in every other way.

Sundrop can absorb through skin, or be directly ingested.


Symptoms of sundrop exposure have three active phases, followed by an intense withdraw period.

Within minutes of absorption or ingestion, individuals will gradually feel a sense of bliss come over them. This quickly escalates to an intense feeling of euphoria that can last for many minutes, and renders users incapable of processing fear, anger, or any sense of danger.

The second phase begins as the euphoria wears off and is immediately replaced by aggression. Individuals become increasingly irrate and violent, to the point of viciously attacking those around them with no provocation. This is the most dangerous phase of sundrop intoxication, as affected individuals react violently, without thought, and without any sense of self preservation, often causing great harm to bystanders and themselves during the rampage. Incoherent ranting and yelling is common, as intoxicated victims are incapable of coherent thoughts or actions.

After upwards of five or more minutes of this phase, the third and final stage brings on overwhelming feelings of terror and imminent danger, and often lasts longer than the previous two stages. Individuals are often rendered immobile by their fear, and percieve everything around them as a source of danger. Though rarely dangerous to others at this point, some users may fall into bouts of hysterical screaming, while others could lash out at others in fear if approached. Once this phase wears off, individuals slowly return to a normal, albiet very exhausted state of mind, without any recollection of their experience.

Habitual users experience symptoms sooner than first-time users, with prolonged periods of aggression. They also begin to show signs of detatchment, memory loss, and delusional episodes while not using sundrop.


Withdraw begins several hours after use, starting first with a mild headache and moderate craving for the drug, which can be partially satiated by consuming sweets. The headache often lasts for several days, growing more acute, along with the desire for Sundrop. Hallucinations are common during this time.

For protoss, these symptoms will dissipate after a week, though the craving for sundrop will remain. For humans (and likely other races), this withdraw process has a high rate of fatality if not combined with therapy and special drugs procured from the protoss.

Additional NotesEdit

Allergic reactions have been documented with sundrop.

Consuming large quanities can lead to convulsions, and probable death without immediate treatment.


  • In 2008, Kerrigan again caused a incident when a dark templar under her sway infiltrated Laissez Faire, introducing sundrop to an unwiting Jessica Allan, who was already tainted by Kerrigan's mind control. In a turn of events that was partially aided by Haplo, Briar and Datharil were intoxicated by the drug. This led to an unfortnate attack on Jessica by Datharil, and almost cost Briar his life before Ratchet could produce a serum to stabilize the boy's mind as the drug slowly worked its way from his brain.
  • At some time between late 2008-2009, Rosethorn was intoxicated by the drug after she and Datharil encountered Kerrigan in Laissez Faire.
  • In early 2009, Lutarez was rescued from Ehtidkoush and brought in by Niklaren and Bumblebee. The hybrid templar was found to be suffering from sundrop withdraw, and was successfully treated.
  • Early in 2010, Aiko and Little Friend were poisoned after coming into contact with a scentless variant of sundrop found on a derelic spaceship just outside of Meinville. Aiko had an allergic reaction to the drug after being bitten by Friend, who had consumed a large quantity of the cream. Lutarez was distraught to learn that the ship was in fact his own, and further concerned about its involvement with the dangerous drug.