Name: Taelitu Sunwave (Tae)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown - presumed to be between 300 and 400 years old
Race: Kaldorei (Night Elf)
Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 3' 6"
Weight: 48 lbs
Status: Child
Occupation: Student



Taelitu ~ Drawing by kamaliaetalia

Taelitu is most often seen in her animal form, but her natural shape is a little more typical of her race; mainly humanoid in form, she has pale, almost periwinkle purple skin, bright glowing-green eyes, and long upright ears that end in sharp points and extend several inches past the rear of her head. Her hair is a bright shade of blue-green, and hangs to her waist in a fluffy mass on the rare occasion when she wears it loose, but usually, she has it held back in a thick braid, to keep it out of her eyes. She typically wears a muddied, rather ragged looking one-piece dress, made of the simplest homespun cloth.


Taelitu is a young druid, but due to a lack of any formal training, she is a non-traditional druid. Rather than being confined to the more typical forms of a druid (i.e. sea lion, bear, mountain lion, bird, etc) she more typically takes to the black and
white, squat shape of a badger. Having learned everything she knows from reading books about druidism, her view of many animals - and people - is contrary to even what most other druids believe, though she does have an uncanny ability to connect very closely with the creatures she works with. She has also shown amazing promise for work in healing, but thus far has shown a lack of motivation and a cynicism for anyone who suggests that she might have a gift in that area.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Tae's early years, as she has traveled alone across both Earth and Azeroth for an undetermined period of time and is generally not inclined to speak about her family or her raising. What few details are known, however, are universally accepted as being true, even though there is no one to confirm the facts that the child has offered. By her own admission, Taelitu is a bastard child, born to a father who was a prominent diplomat, and a mother who was a soldier; neither had wanted a child, and neither had the time to devote to one - and aside from that, both had their reputations to protect. Thus, from infancy, she was handed over to the kitchen staff in her father's home and they were told to raise her, and to put her to work as a slave when she was old enough. A large hole appears here in her story, which Taelitu has never yet discussed with anyone... she never mentions whether her infancy and following toddler years were happy, and has denied all attempts to discover just when and how she found out that the Lord of the House, whom she'd called 'Master' for years, was her father. Further, she never says whether she confronted him about the matter, though she has suggested several times that her relationship with him became volatile at some point, without ever listing a cause for the unrest.

In fact, past her infancy, the next event that she offers any detail at all to is teaching herself to read, in the dark of night within the depths of her father's extensive library - by reading books about druidism and animal study, which she found fascinating first for the novelty of the idea of being able to change forms... and then later, as a possible formula to help her escape her father's power. For yet another undetermined period of time, Taelitu declares that she visited the library every night, pouring over the books until she could master the form and behavior of a badger, and during this period of time, she also picked up on a variety of languages as she read through book after book in any number of tongues. And once her guise was perfected, she made her move, escaping her father's house under the cover of darkness, and she has never once looked back.

Life in the VoidEdit

After fleeing the only home she'd ever known, Taelitu traveled extensively around Azeroth. Her badger's shape was so unusual and unexpected a form for a druid that she was able to travel through Alliance and Horde land alike without anyone suspecting her true race, and even spent a little time among the Naga, a serpentine, water-borne humanoid species that very few know anything about, other than being familiar with the well-known naga aggression towards all other races. Her cleverness served her well in keeping her presence unknown to potential enemies, and also in filling her belly as she hunted for the small lizards and flowers that make up a badger diet. Unnumbered years passed, and through some event that she has never yet described, Taelitu found herself on Earth, and after living for some time amongst a colony of badgers and exploring a good part of the wild lands on her own, she stumbled upon the coastline of Laissez Faire in the fall of 2008. Hungry, cold, and desperately lonely for the first time in her life, she fashioned herself a little hut in the sand, and settled in, waiting for inspiration... or death.

Enter Briar Moss and Ventisshou, on a family trip to the coast with the zerg, who loved to dig in the sand, and Tamashii, who has always been fond of the sea. The hut captured their attention, and after an investigation - and much persuasion by Ventisshou - Taelitu was coaxed out of her hovel, and returned with them to Laissez Faire. Since then, she has gravitated back and forth between Ventisshou, who was the very first adult she ever trusted, and Milkweed, who has taken it upon himself to expand her training as a druid, and has welcomed her into his family.


If asked, Taelitu will tell anyone, in no uncertain terms, that she hates everybody, universally and totally. However, that has been proven, in the last few years, to be not entirely true. There are a few marked exceptions.

She has a tempestuous relationship with Ventisshou, who was the first person to ever prove herself trustworthy to an understandably adult-wary Taelitu. Part of this difficulty has to do with Ventisshou's lack of experience with children, and her inability to keep her temper when Taelitu acts out. Tae is also aware that Ventisshou does not trust Milkweed, and will often deliberately do things to pit them against each other in order to get something she wants or turn a situation in her favor. She does have an affection for the draenei... but never allows herself to become too attached or comfortable, because she fears that she will be abandoned due to her troublesome behavior, and also because Ventisshou's temperament is somewhat confusing to her.

Taelitu has a warmer relationship with Milkweed, possibly because he has children of his own and thus knows not to fall for some of her more obvious tricks and tantrums. His milder, more easygoing personality is simpler for her to understand, and she has learned over time to respect his authority; usually, if he tells her to do something, she will comply, though it is a constant test of wills to see who is stronger. She would never admit to it, but she has a genuine affection for him, and views him as something of the father figure that was denied her as a younger child. She still has some areas where she's holding out though; particularly recently, with Konjac and Contus having been returned to Milkweed, Tae's behavior has become more troublesome than it has been in many months, due to her fear that Milkweed will not want her, now that his true sons have been restored to him.

Taelitu also has an enduring and completely unconditional friendship with Muata, a family pet belonging to Janah.

Special NotesEdit

  • She likes to be called Tae, having a firm dislike of her full name.
  • She is exceedingly touchy about any discussion involving family, and particularly any mention of her father. She refers to her father only as 'He' or 'Him', and if one makes the mistake of giving him the title of her father, she will blatantly declare that he is not her father, and back it up with fangs, if necessary.
  • She does not like to be touched, in any form or fashion, and has been known to snarl, snap, and even bite to express that to others. Milkweed and Ventisshou are sometimes the exceptions to this rule, and Muata seems exempt entirely.