Name: Trisana Chandler (Tris)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human/Mage
Place of Birth: Emelan

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 134 lbs

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Unofficial Meteorologist, Backup Magical Fighter


She has curly red hair (her friend Briar calls her "Coppercurls"), blue-gray eyes, and wears spectacles. She is little on the pudgy side, which makes her prone to taunting from less tactful people. As is respectable for the daughter of a merchant, she has stubbornly stuck to dresses and skirts, though Daja and even Sandry seem comfortable in breeches or leggings, but her taste in clothing is functional rather than fashionable. In fact, her thread-mage friend Sandry will often bemoan how difficult it is to wheedle Tris into standing for a fitting of new clothes, and despair when the new dress is made, only for Tris to ruin what would otherwise be a lovely gown by tying a common, oddly-colored belt about the waist of it to give her a place to tuck things when she needs to. When she obtained her mage's credential, she began to tie her hair in numerous braids. Her magic is with weather and her braids are her mage kit, each one storing things like lightning and wind. Her braids do not store rain, however, as it makes her hair go frizzy.


Tris has ambient magic with weather and the earth, affecting various types of elemental currents, such as the flow of magma or the ocean tides. She is the only known weather mage that can predict the weather accurately, one hundred percent of the time. She stores her magic, as well as raw power, in her hair, which she braids in specific magical patterns taught to her by her foster-sister, Sandry. The braids allow her to keep vast amounts of power with her at all times and can only be unpinned by Tris. On the wind, she can scry places far away, witnessing events as they unfold. This is a skill that only one a generation possesses, and most mages go mad attempting to see on the winds. The breezes can be made by Tris to bring her voices, while at the same time cooling her off. During rain, she can create a shield of air so the people under it don't get wet. She can pin people with wind and create breezes and tornadoes. She is also capable of manipulating water, earth and magma. She can spin winds and water into threads and balls, shaping them to her need. She can raise shields against spells in a few moments that would take most accomplished mages hours to make. One of her more unique powers is her ability to sprout lightning and to control it at will, but when she was younger, and when she is angry, her hair sparks lightning. This often leads people to be afraid of her.

Known Languages:Edit

Common, Imperial, Tradertalk. Also telepathic.

Early LifeEdit

Tris' family, (mother Darra Chandler, father Valden Chandler of the prominent Chandler merchant clan, last reported to be still living in Ninver), thought she was either haunted or an elemental, based on the strength of the weather phenomena that she unwittingly created. Magic testers had repeatedly found she had no magic, though. At a very young age before she came to Winding Circle, Tris was transferred from one family member to another - including a particularly torturous stay with her infamous Aunt Melinda - for nobody wanted her because of the ruckus that followed her when she accidentally used magic. She therefore developed a rather bitter feeling towards her family and a love of animals, the only ones who would accept her. When eventually Melinda's ill treatment ended her in a local temple for healing, her aunt abandoned her there, no longer accepting responsibility for her. From there, she was transferred to a couple of different temples - due to ongoing problems with her power - before finally being discovered by Niklaren Goldeye, who was sent to fetch her when the staff of the lastest temple were trying to get rid of her as well by transferring her to Winding Circle. Rather than resign her to the temple, Niko knew that the young mage needed training - and desperately, before any other incidents occurred - and because he knew the unusual quality of her power and himself was liscensed in star magic and many other related concepts, he took Tris under his personal tutelage. Because he lived in a small room alone in the temple, he brought her to stay with an old friend of his - Dedicate Rosethorn, of Discipline Cottage, who recently had acquired three other charges as well - Sandry, Briar, and Daja.

Life in the VoidEdit

Trisana's arrival in Laissez Faire is something that she understands a little better than the others do, thanks to her bountiful reading and her broad base of magical knowledge, which comes from cannibalizing any book she can get her hands on. However, she still cannot define exactly what it was that brought her to Earth; all she knows is that during her time of daily meditation, which she sticks to religiously to keep her power under control, she felt a great power reach out to her - one which she did not recognize, and which upon rallying her magic, she could not fight. She remembers a sensation of being swallowed whole by magic, and being utterly terrified to find that even wind could not penetrate the dark place she was passing through. She spent an untold amount of time fighting against the blank void she'd been sucked into, using all that she knew, magically and otherwise, to try to escape, her temper slowly degrading as her vast knowledge of magic did not avail her in trying to gain her freedom from that harsh place. At last, she bequeathed the victory to the mysterious force, and settled back, preparing for either an eternity alone, or death when it came... and when at last she ceased her efforts, the void released her. The next thing she recalls is waking up on a street corner in Laissez Faire, with Little Bear standing over her, licking her face in concern.

Immediately feeling the presence of Briar nearby, and feeling that he was in some sort of panic, she pulled herself up and raced to aid him, only to find that there was no cause for his fear; he had apparently had suffered a flashback after being exposed to a noise that he still cannot recall clearly - he knows only that he heard something that frightened him. Distinguishing herself by immediately addressing imposing, twenty-some feet tall Ratchet - who had stepped in to attempt to examine the frightened thief - and rudely informing him that he'd better back away from Briar, Tris manages to get him calmed down. After some talk with her friends however, she discovers that her fight with the unknown power has cost her a great deal of time; all of her foster family have long since arrived, with Briar and Niko having been in residence in Laissez Faire for weeks, apparently while she was fighting to be released. With this knowledge, and the fact that the others are already living in Laissez Faire, it is an easy decision for her to stay.


Trisana has three foster siblings - Sandry, Daja, and Briar. Because of her initial distaste for Traders and nobles (a characteristic view held by merchants) she initially bonds only with Briar, after discovering that he cannot read or write, and resolving to teach him. Though eventually she does come to accept and even love Daja and Sandry just as greatly, her bond with Briar remains the closest and strongest.

After initially proving herself difficult and anger-filled, Trisana does at last become accepting of Niko, which over time becomes a very close, very affectionate relationship, even moreso than the other students share with their teachers. He is the first person in her life to actually care what happens to her, and not abandon her when her magic goes wild, and that makes a strong impression upon her. In time, she learns to value the acceptance of Rosethorn and Lark as well, but Niko will always have a special place in her heart.

Another that Trisana has become very close to is, oddly enough, Ratchet. Following a rather rocky start wherein Tris offered him the same defiance that she offered to all people who have not earned her trust, Rosethorn insisted that Trisana be sent along on a mission of Ratchet's, with the objective to investigate the source of a large piece of Cybertronian metal that Vnithin had brought back to the medical facility from the coastline. Once they arrived, they were attacked by Bonecrusher, and though he could have easily dumped her on the ground and stood up to defend himself, Ratchet took a good beating to defend her from the vicious mech, and that settled things in her mind; she rallied her lightning to help defeat Crusher, and even when both were taken into custody and imprisoned by the Decepticons, Ratchet's simple action at the beach had gained her loyalty. They quickly became fast friends, and he has an influence with her that is more effective than any force on Earth at calming her worst tempers and speaking through her distress, stubbornness, and anger to make itself understood.

By extention of her friendship with Ratchet, Tris has come to help raise his daughter Teshi, whom she had the honor of naming herself before they knew that Teshi belonged to him.

Special NotesEdit

  • Tris has a sensitive throat, due to unknown genetic causes and a general sensitivity to air, thanks to her gift; this makes her prone to bouts of throat and lung problems, including an annual battle with either pneumonia or some other upper respiratory issue.
  • Due to her frequent changing of hands as a child and her repeated abandonment by various members of her family, Tris has prominent issues with trust, and is especially sensitive to being 'left behind' by those she has come to trust.
  • Because her power is with weather - and particularly, lightning - she is aware that her magic is dangerous and could potentially hurt or kill others around her. Thus, she is highly critical of even the tiniest mistake on her part.
  • Trisana is slightly OCD, and sometimes frustrates her friends with her constant tidying and swilling.