Name: Ventisshou

Age: Adult (exact age unknown)

Gender: Female

Race: Draenei

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Jewelcrafter/Reserve Soldier


Ventisshou stands at 7'1", not including her horns. She has cloven hooves, digitigrade legs, a short tail, and a pair of slender tendrils that sprout from behind her pointed ears. The rest of her form is mostly humanoid, aside from her pointed ears and a pair of small fangs that take the place of her eye teeth.

Her skin is light blue, and her hair a darker shade of that. Ventisshou's luminescent eyes carry the hue as well, but so faintly so that they appear more white than anything.

History before the VoidEdit

Like the rest of her people, Ventisshou spent a greater portion of her life fleeing from enemies that chased them across the cosmos, from planet to planet. Ventisshou took up arms and trained as a warrior, helping to defend her people through these hard times. When they eventually found a permanent home on the planet Azeroth, she continued to offer her sword and shield in defense of her people and the new allies that had taken them in.

Over the course of several years, Ventisshou found time to pursue a career in jewelcrafting, and began to shift away from the warrior role and more into that of an explorer and adventurer. In early 2008, while piloting a small spacecraft on a mission to document flight paths out of Azeroth, Ventisshou experienced difficulties with the ship's navigational equipment, and subsequently became lost and unable to track her way back to the planet she called home.

After some time traveling through space, blindly drifting without any navigational support, Ventisshou happened across the planet Earth and prepared to land...


Life on EarthEdit

Ventisshou ended up crash-landing on Earth, suffering minor shrapnel injuries in the process. She happened upon Laissez Faire's Medical Facility, wherein she was treated by Dedicate Rosethorn. With her ship damaged beyond repair, and no way of knowing where Azeroth was in relalation to this new planet, Ventisshou settled in for the long run, and has since decided to make Earth her new home.

Ventisshou has put her warrior skills to work many times since coming to live in Laissez Faire, assisting in rescue missions and general defense in the city when their enemies attack. When not donning her armor and putting her sword to work, Ventisshou is most often found working on the jewelry that she sells in town and online.


She considers Burrich and Briar Moss to be her good friends, along with Umondis and Kandire, whom she frequently gossips with. She spends much time helping Briar look after the hydralisk family that stays in the Medical Facility with them, and is one of the few people who can safely manage Vnithin.

She has two unofficially adopted daughters, one being Tamashii, and the other Taelitu.

Ventisshou holds a particular distrust for Zhenn'arh and Milkweed, based entirely on bad experiences with their races in the past. She also has a problem keeping Little Friend from stealing her valuables, and as a result, is not prone to being friendly or kind with the child.