Warp and his 'Dabee'

Name: Warp
Gender: Male
Race: Cybertronian
Age: 4
Birthdate: Late 2008
Father: Bumblebee
Mother: N/A

Current Height: 4' 9"
Current Weight: 282 lbs

Adult Height: 18.2'
Adult Weight: 3.9 tons

Status: Citizen
Occupation: Child


Very much resembling his father, Warp has the humanoid form that it more typical of his kind, avoiding the raptor-like build of his playmate, Ajahni. Thus formed, he is possessed of very humanoid characteristics - two arms, two legs, a main body section and a very human-looking face. His armor, which at his young age is just beginning to come in, is a warm golden color, two shades darker than his father's, and he sports small black chevrons close to each wrist and ankle, and accents of white and light green here and there are beginning to develop alongside the chevrons. This gives him a little more variety of color than his sire, and he also is graced with a more human-looking face than Bee, having a more functional mouth and nose that gives him a very expressive black, gold, and silver facade. Both optics shine a brilliant white, throwing his face into slight relief when both are open.


  • Warp is a great deal stronger than a human child, and even moreso than an adult human of equal size. He has not yet developed any weapons of his own, so this strength remains his only means of self defense.
  • Unlike his compatriot Ajahni - the son of Laissez Faire's other Cybertronian scout - Warp has not begun to develop the advanced radar of the older bots around him, but he has shown an uncanny ability to tap into private conversations carried out over comm-lines or telepathic messaging. He also picks up and learns new languages with speed and ease, though his pronounciation of some words is a little fumbling and awkward.

Before Laissez FaireEdit

One of a group of sparklings who were theoretically created by Meinvillian experimentation on the Allspark in the year 2008, Warp remained imprisoned in Meinville long after both Teshi and Ajahni had been rescued. As it has become clear that he was sparked at approximately the same time as these two older sparklings, there has been some debate as to how the various rescue parties mustered by Laissez Faire failed to notice an infant Warp in their journeys throughout enemy territory, and many theories have been put forward. The most easily believeable of these - supported by many of young Warp's characteristics - is that the sparkling was 'adopted' by Haplo, who enacted some powerful patryn magic to prevent the scanners of the Autobot scouts from picking up on Warp's signature. No matter what theory one ascribes to, the result was that Warp remained in Meinville for months after the Autobots had assumed all the Allspark-created children had been found, and was subject to the torments of both Haplo and Sarah Kerrigan while he remained in their custody.

One of those rescues that occurred while Warp remained imprisoned was to reclaim Daja, who'd been captured by Kerrigan for the purpose of helping to create the metal casings for the electrically-charged shrapnel bombs that she had discovered were very effective against the Autobots. While working unwillingly upon that project, Daja discovered to her horror that the metal that she was given to work with were, in fact, pieces of sparklings that had been removed or otherwise destroyed during the process of experimentation. Upon further examination, she also realized that these weren't all pieces of the same sparkling - these were from several different sparklings, and by the inclusion of several vital pieces - including a very small spark casing and other essential-to-life structures, she came to understand that the sparklings were deceased. Too weak from her work at that point to do anything about it, Daja was forced to bide her time, until such an opportunity arose that she could return to Meinville and retrieve the broken pieces of sparkling, thinking that if nothing else she might at least offer them a proper resting place.

That opportunity came in early 2009, when the fluctuations of the power of the Void brought down all super-human and technological defenses, permitting Starscream to strafe and destroy the laboratory in Meinville. It is unknown whether it was the seeker's attack or the fluctuation the Void itself that caused it, but it is clear at this point that Haplo lost his control over whatever power it was that was concealing Warp from others because, upon disobeying Ratchet's direct orders not to explore Meinville, Daja and Ironhide ran into a local teenager named Chase who guided them to the living sparkling in a lower level of the destroyed laboratory. Surrounded by the dismembered bodies of many other sparklings, Warp was very low on energon and close to offlining; Daja and Ironhide wasted no time in stabilizing him and rushing him back to Laissez Faire to be cared for by Ratchet.

Laissez FaireEdit

Upon his arrival in Laissez Faire, it became quite clear that Warp had seen very poor treatment. Even aside from his injuries - which were promptly treated with keen expertise by Ratchet - it was obvious that more damage had been done to him aside from the physical. At first, the sparkling was unusually withdrawn and quiet, prone to bursting into abnormally-soft whines of distress, and showed a peculiar lack of inclination to use his face to express how he was feeling. In fact, it was at first suspected that he might have sustained some sort of damage to his CPU... particularly when the smiling face of Sideswipe managed to induce complete and utter terror in the sparkling, while the intent frown of Ratchet seemed to comfort him. It has since been theorized that this is more psychologically-linked than anything else, due to Kerrigan's tendency to smile most pleasantly as she tortures her victims, while Haplo's face is almost consistently frowning and stoic; it is believed that Haplo had intended to raise Warp for his own purposes, and thus may have been kinder to the sparkling to incite loyalty. This is a problem that has slowly and steadily been fading in him, as he has been among the Autobots and discovered that smiling is not always a bad thing; particularly, it seems to have helped that he has received no ill treatment in Laissez Faire, and also that Bumblebee does not have a functional mouth to 'smile' with.