Little Hydra by PiccoloSan33

Name: Yunuu

Birthdate: January 13th, 2008

Gender: Female

Breed: Hydralisk (Hunter-Killer strain)

Height: 6ft

Length: 17ft

Status: Pet

Mother: Zaitha

Father: Vnithin


Out of a clutch of ten other siblings, Yunuu was the smallest, and remains on the shorter side for her race. With her mother being a regular hydralisk, and her father a specimen of the powerful 'Hunter-Killer' strain, Yunuu has benefitted from the latter's strength and resilience, and also sports the triple-scythed front claws, as opposed the the single blades that most hydralisk have on their forearms.

Most of her hide is leathery to the touch, and drab olive in color, with a few streaks of orange-brown along her hood. Her chest and underbelly are more of a pale tan coloration, while her eyes are bright yellow-orange.


Before Yunuu ever hatched, she and three of her siblings were stolen by Pulse, under orders from Blackout. One egg was destroyed by Bonecrusher before Pulse could make it back to base, and the last three were left abandoned shortly thereafter in the Demesnen Headquarters. When Yunuu hatched in the following days, she immediately picked up on the telepathy of her father and followed it blindly to Laissez Faire.

Her initial encounter with Vnithin turned sour when her father attempted to pick her up, and in the process ended up piercing her thin hide with his teeth. Briar Moss was on hand to provide the hatchling with comfort, and because of his unique ability to connect with the zerg, and his calmer, gentler method in dealing with her, Yunuu bonded with him instead of her biological father.

Yunuu has continued to live in Laissez Faire, being a regular sight in the Medical Facility with Briar and the rest of her family. Several of her siblings have since joined her, and in mid 2009, she bred with Craisil, after giving in to weeks of endless courting by the young male. Unfortunately, Yunuu showed no maternal instinct, and failed to show any interest in the three eggs that she laid later in the summer. Zhenn'arh found and took the eggs with the intent of raising the youngsters as pets, only to be attacked by Vnithin when the father scented his unhatched grandchildren on the troll. Briar was forced to intervene once more, taking the eggs from Zhenn.

When the eggs hatched in September, producing a male and two females, Yunuu continued to show no motherly interest in them, leaving the plant mage to raise them himself.


While Vnithin and Zaitha are her true parents, Yunuu looks to Briar as her father. Of her many siblings, Cruuvhi, Feera, and Harquin continue to live with her and Briar in Laissez Faire, along with her father Vnithin, and her offspring Vanu, Trikek, and Shadow.

She views Tamashii as one of her sisters, and happily nests with the gorgon-mix and Tamashii's adoptive mother, Ventisshou.